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by adustyframe ~ November 27th, 2007

I’m starting to get in the Christmas spirit. I have to wait until at least next week before I can even think about getting out the decorations. I should also clean my house and get it better organized before I drag all that out!

We decorate simply with a small tree. A couple years ago, when Lee was first gone, I wanted to get a bigger tree. Even on clearance they were pretty pricey and I made a decision.

The small tree looks very much like Christmas. It’s the lights we enjoy anyway. I also have enough ornaments for a small tree. So I decided to just stay with a small one and be content. Our house is small so it looks fine.

I decorate with the same old favorites every year. Items we collected on vacation. Lee picked out little coffee mug ornaments with our names on them one year when we visited Leavenworth.

I love putting these items on the tree and remembering special times. There are ornaments I crafted when I was single. Teacher gifts I received in my teaching days. Ornaments James has painted or made. The angel topper my sister made for me when I got my first apartment.

What a special blending of lives and memories.

I’m always tempted to do a pink tree, or whatever the hot color or trend in Christmas decor is. They are  so pretty, but I can’t give up our special ornaments. I can’t imagine a Christmas without them. So, I always do the same thing but it never feels old or worn out–just special.

What about you? Tell me your stories in the comments–and vote too!

**Oh and to help you get in the “mood”, don’t forget Abiding Radio. I clicked on it last night to discover it’s all Christmas music. It’s beautiful too!


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  1. Pam

    Hi Lizzie, Hopefully you have rec’d my book by now….this idea is in it. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. We usually have a few folks who don’t have family close also. We always have a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. We gather together and sing Happy Birthday to Him. I order it from our local supermarket and it is ALWAYS a great conversation starter..the baker, the clerks, the stock people always stop and look at the cake in the cart and say, “what a great idea, I’m doing that next year!” The grandchildren place baby Jesus in the manger Christmas Eve night too and we talk about the “reason for the season.” God Bless,Pam, South Bend

  2. Stephanie

    I have bought ornaments for my kids every year since they were born. I wanted each of them to have a box of ornaments when they leave home so they will be able to decorate their own trees with ornaments that mean something. They get to put their ornaments on the tree themselves (with some discreet rearranging after the fact for the younger ones since they tend to hang them in the same one foot area they can reach LOL). The only problem I am realizing is that my dh & I will not have ornaments we have good memories of once the kids are gone. Maybe I will start buying one a year for us too =) Enjoy your Christmas season.

  3. Chel

    I love, love, love Christmas, so we decorate and enjoy all of this time that we can. And I love getting out the ornaments, too. I’ve got special ceramic pieces that my grandmother made for me when I was little and that my kids enjoy now. And ee do a birthday cake for the baby Jesus, too. 🙂

  4. ashley @ twentysixcats

    My first year on my own, I didn’t have any ornaments so I knew I’d have to purchase a few. I also knew that I would quickly collect ornaments in future Christmases, so I didn’t worry about getting many. So I bought two boxes of red balls and gold balls. I also got a red beaded garland and a gold beaded garland. I put white lights on my tree and it looked so pretty, all in red and gold! I loved having a “theme”, but I also like the familiar ornaments that we have started collecting. Perhaps someday I’ll get a small Christmas tree and decorate it all gold and red again. 🙂

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