by adustyframe ~ November 27th, 2007

Lee had a cell mate over the summer that was hard to get along with.

I’ve written here about inmates and how my perceptions have changed. Some of you have agreed with me. Yet, I still don’t want you to think that there doesn’t have to be discernment and discretion. Many inmates  live the same life in prison that they led on the streets and they are not safe people.

This cell mate is one like that. He asked Lee to participate in illegal activities–which Lee declined. He frightened Lee with the way he talked and the things he talked about. He also stole from Lee constantly.

Lee said that this cellmate is one of those that should never leave prison because he has not changed.

Well, this man disappeared one day due to his behavior. Lee said he went to “the hole”.

He resurfaced yesterday. Lee was approached by the Lieutenant in regard to a letter Lee’s parole officer received from this former cellmate. It was designed to get Lee into a lot  of trouble.

The Lieutenant asked Lee if he could think who would say these things about him and Lee said this cellmates name. The Lietenant told Lee that is the person who made the accusations. He investigated Lee. Part of that was listening to our phone conversations.

4 hours of them to be exact.

When I accept Lee’s calls it says, “All phone calls other than properly placed attorney calls may be monitored and recorded.”

We know that. Sometimes we forget.

Lee and I went over what we must have talked about the last 12 phone calls.

James birthday. Lee and James’ plans when Daddy comes home. James behaving like a little boy that needs some reminders once in awhile. *Insert embarrassed grin here–a belching contest* Just pieces of our daily life.

The Lieutenant said to Lee, “It was refreshing to hear a family that loves each other. It was actually a pleasure to listen to your calls and not hear all the profanity and shameful ways people treat each other. I actually enjoyed it.”


Lee asked the Lieutenant if he heard him praying with his son.

He grinned and said, “Yes, I heard that too.”

We are who we are when we think no one is listening or no one else is there. I am thankful that in some way we were a testimony to this man that God makes a difference in our lives and that we truly are a family that loves each other.

Lee has written to the Lieutenant asking him to relay to his parole officer that Lee didn’t do what his cellmate accused him of.

You can pray with me that this won’t jeopardize  the many things that it could!

God is bigger than all of this.


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  1. Charlotte

    I’m often a cynic, but this really touched me. Great post — thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Liza's Eyeview

    What satan meant for evil, God can turn around and make it for good. That conversations that the Lt. heard would probably help Lee get some good words about him.

    God is good. I pray that He will continue to protect Lee.

  3. Chel

    I think it’s a wonderful testimony that you and Lee and James were just being yourselves and that who you are is evidence of Christ’s love.

  4. Beth

    We will add this to our prayer list Lizzie.
    Glad the officer could see or hear the LOVE you all have for each other.

  5. Joy

    Great testimony

  6. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so sorry for the trials your family is facing. You and your husband are obviously working hard to keep your family together and ease things for your son.
    Blessings to you.

  7. Pam

    What a wonderful reminder…..we should always speak knowing that Christ is listening God Bless

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