by adustyframe ~ December 8th, 2007

I found the idea for the ornaments here at Ali Edward’s blog–she’s a big name in scrapbooking.

I followed her links for some of the other ideas and all in all was very inspired.

I got the bulbs at the craft store for 40% off. I paid $2.60 for 12 ornaments. They each took about 1/2 sheet of scrapbook paper which was also on sale for .25. The ribbon was probably about .25 worth and the rub ons were 1.99 for 6 I think. But I do believe they were 1/2 price too.

Each ornament costs between .50 and .75. How’s that for a bargain?


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  1. Chel

    Those are really cute!


  2. Lisa

    I followed the links–awesome! How can they not be cool if they were in the gallery at twopeas? My favorite scrapbook gallery!!

  3. Krisi

    So cute! I love that idea – may have to get some ornaments and rub ons after the holidays to give these out next year for christmas – I may even start to work on them right away so they will done and I can check off one thing on my 2009 Christmas to do list!

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