Forgiveness~What have we learned?

by adustyframe ~ December 26th, 2007

More note from Family Camp this summer.

 Understanding your privilege and obligation to accept and give forgiveness.

Paradigm of forgiveness: What have we learned?

*God has addressed the issue of forgiveness: our need to seek forgiveness and grant forgiveness.

*God’s Word acknowledges that serious real life offenses take place which require a Biblical response.

*God’s perspective on forgiveness focuses on the offended, having appropriate attitudes, initiating proper actions of reconciliation.

*Personal forgiveness requires a choice on the part of the offended one to relinquish one’s choice of vengeance; to get “even”. This is a very active process.

*A sincere apology includes three concepts: I was wrong, I am sorry, please forgive me.
*Relinquishing one’s choice of vengeance does not change the wrong of the offense, many of its consequences, or state of estrangement.

*One must “forgive and remember” with a renewed choice of hope for a better future.


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