Our Christmas

by adustyframe ~ December 26th, 2007

James and I had a wonderful Christmas. We spent the whole day in our jammies! We rarely do that so it was a special comfortable treat.

For some reason this Christmas, the gifts under the tree were a huge pile. We celebrate Christmas simply on purpose. We limit the gifts and choose them carefully.

I am not quite sure how it got so crazy this year. Partly, I think that people feel a little sorry for James so he gets things from people that wouldn’t normally give him a gift.

I was also given a very generous gift certificate to Amazon where I did most of my shopping. I found some neat things at thrift stores too.

Lee was able to take his .42 an hour he earns and order James some fun books. That made him feel good to buy James a gift for Christmas this year.

My out of pocket spending was tiny, yet the gifts under the tree overflowed. I decided that instead of wringing my hands that our celebration had gotten “out of hand”, I’d just thank God for his provision and let James enjoy his gifts.

One of the big hits was Snap Circuits. He has played with this toy for hours.

We ate pizza for dinner. I had things to make a turkey dinner, but on Monday, James said, “Mom, can we have pizza for Christmas?” I have been battling a cold and my energy level is really low, so I said “Sure!”. I was glad actually. It helped the day to be low key and relaxing.

There were moments that I was very sad that Lee was gone. James felt it too. He asked, “Why do we have to have so many Christmases without Daddy?”

I had to take my mind off of that. We missed Lee very much, but we still had a day to spend enjoying each other’s company and celebrating our Saviour’s birth. We can’t wallow in sadness!

At night, James and I read the Christmas story from Luke 2. I enjoyed ending our day with a reminder of why we celebrate this special day.


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  1. Pam

    I am glad that you and James had each other and could be together and safe for Christmas–you are blessed to have each other and so is Lee—-I’m sure he is proud of the way you are taking care of things while he is away…god Bless, Pam, South Bend

    Thank you, Pam. Your comment was an encouragement.

  2. Chel

    Christmas Day in our jammies is our very favorite way to celebrate! And pizza sounds lovely. One year, our kids requested Mexican food for their holiday meal, so that’s what we had. 🙂

    Hey! Mexican–mmm…didn’t think of that. It was so nice to be in our jammies all day!

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