Changed into His Image

by adustyframe ~ December 30th, 2007


My sister sent this book to Lee for Christmas. He was telling me about it and I said, “Hey! I found that at the thrift store the other day for .25.”

So we are reading it together. We’ve been talking about things we read or illustrations we like when I visit.

One illustration we both liked was about a tea bag.

He said that if you put a tea bag in the hot water and don’t like the flavor that comes out, it’s not the fault of the hot water. If you want a different flavor to come out in the heat, then you must choose a different tea bag.

A tea bag can only produce what is inside of it.

So often we want to blame our bad attitudes or sin on or circumstances or our trials–the hot water. But according to this illustration, our sin or bad attitude was already inside of us. The hot water didn’t cause that reaction.

What do you think? Is it possible for the hot water in our lives to produce something tasteful and sweet? What is necessary for that to happen?


*This book is by Jim Berg*


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  1. Jenn

    What a great idea and a great way to stay connected by reading a book together.

    And I like the tea bag illustration. A good thought provoker.

  2. Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

    That’s a tremendous book. I have been through it a couple of times.

    I do think it’s possible for the hot water in our lives to produce something tasteful and sweet — if our hearts are truly fixed on Him and being changed into His image.

    I’m glad to hear another great review! I’ll keep reading.

  3. jodi

    >>> A tea bag can only produce what is inside of it. >>>

    But only if it’s placed in hot water. Ever accidently tried making hot tea in cold water…doesn’t work so well.

    “The testing of our faith develops perseverance…”


  4. Joy

    We are doing this study in our Sunday School class….It is a life changing study. Right now we are on unit 6 “Living in Reality” I cannot tell you how much this has helped change my relationship with the Lord. I trust that the Lord will work in your and Lee’s heart through this study.

    I’m so happy to hear that this has been an excellent study. We’re plugging away at it.

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