Marriage Seminar

by adustyframe ~ January 24th, 2008

Today was a really great marriage seminar.

One of the facilitating couples was on vacation, so we just had the other 2 ladies.

They did some different things today.

We always open with a question asked to everyone and we take turns around the circle.

Today’s question was “What is something tangible you want?”

Most of the men of course said, “I’d like to be home.”

My husband said, “Well aside from being home I’d like to have a couple more kids.”

This was followed by a lot of teasing and laughter. We are one of the younger couples.

We watched a video about Karla Faye Tucker and the prison ministry that ministered in the prison where she was on death row. Although she committed a horrible crime, she turned her life over to Christ and was forgiven.

It was interesting to hear her testimony and hear how she praised Jesus for so many things–even while she waited to die.

For lunch we had chili, garlic bread, meatloaf, glazed carrots, au gratin potatoes, salad, rolls, & turtle cheesecake. It was very yummy today.

The couples were odd numbered so Lee and I got to eat lunch alone. We called it a date and felt that it was a very special time.

In the afternoon, we worked on answering some relationship questions. Things like “Describe your marriage in one word.” “How would your mate describe your marriage”

Things about communication, handling anger, expectations, etc. It was very good and Lee and I worked on a few things.

While we read over the answers together, we experienced a precious moment.

We both described our marriage in the same word–special.

Our marriage IS special! I am so thankful that God’s grace has allowed us to continue to be married and that we are both able to describe our marriage as special.

My cold didn’t bother me–no headache–yummy lunch–sweet words!

Today was a very precious day indeed.


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  1. Lisa

    What a great feeling to know you are on the same page about your marriage! I continue to pray for you two [and James and??? lol–glad Lee loves his child so much he wants more!]

  2. Peregrina

    What a fantastic blessing!

  3. Ame

    Ahhh . . . I LOVE it!!! What a gift these people give you to come into the prison and allow you to share time together and strengthen your marriage 🙂

  4. Hopeful Spirit

    Lizzie: I could not find your e-mail address . . .

    I wanted to personally invite you to participate in The Seventh Day weekly blog carnival at On the Horizon! I read your blog regularly and am so impressed by your spirit, resolve, faithfulness and the honest way in which you express yourself! I would love it if you contributed some of your writing to the Carnival.

    You can submit a post from the prior week on any topic up to 6:00 p.m. Saturday (Pacific time) for inclusion in Sunday’s edition! Then check back on Sunday to see all the wonderful entries!

    I’m glad that the seminar went well & you had a great day with Lee. Continued blessings to you and your family!

  5. Pam

    A day those of us on the outside could have most anyday and we either don’t….or we take it for granted…..thanks for the reminder by sharing your blessing…..God Bless, Pam

  6. Cindy Swanson

    Glad you’re enjoying your marriage seminar…it sounds great!

    I cracked up at your haggis comment on my blog. I’d have to agree with you! 🙂

    I noticed your references to Ambleside on your sidebar. A while back, I interviewed Donna-Jean Breckenridge of the Liberty and Lily blog on that subject. Very interesting!

  7. Beth

    I praise God that He answered all our prayers and gave you a special day! I pray that you now have a treasure for your heart.

  8. Heidi

    Beautiful! Love reading they offer such a wonderful way to cultivate your relationship. What a blessing! Most marriages do not last to the sentences of prison and it is rare when they do. People take for granted time well spent talking about who they are to each other in a marriage. Life gets so busy that communication is the last on the list. Do, not say. But when the doing is removed, the saying is all you have to focus on while doing time together and it does seem so much more special and more rewarding. I praise God for your day you had with your husband. I praise Him that you took full advantage of the moments given you and found yourself blessed by each other.

  9. Rebekah

    I’m so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful day! Rebekah

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