Thrift Store Find

by adustyframe ~ January 25th, 2008



Isn’t this cute?

I found it at the thrift store a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately there is only one stopper, but I still think it’s very sweet.


I am imagining it with grape hyacinths this spring.


Oh! Guess how much I paid?

One whole dollar!


**I should have asked what do you think it is?


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9 Thoughts Shared to Thrift Store Find

  1. Barbara H.

    That will definitely look cute with flowers in it. A great find at a great price!

  2. jennifer

    I love a bargain. Your find is lovely – Jennifer

  3. Ame

    love it!!!

    i’m SO thrift-store-addicted!!!

  4. Julieann

    Oh, wow–only a dollar!!! You lucky ducky—it is lovely:)


  5. Joy

    Boy, I sure wish I was there to go shopping with you. Thanks so much for getting me into Thrift Store shopping. I know in the beginning I kicked and screamed but thanks for working with me =)

    You kicked and screamed! HA! You turned up your nose;)

  6. Susan - Penless Writer

    Boy you got a REAL bargain on this one!!! Lovely!

  7. Carol

    Very pretty! I love thrift store treasues. That was a very good deal.

  8. Wendy

    I’m so glad you posted this–I have one too! I can’t wait to see if anyone knows exactly what it is, because I’ve alwasy wondered also. I think the wide-mouth jars are salt and pepper shakers, and I figured the other two are for oil and vinegar or something similar. (Although, I like the grape hyacinth idea much better!) I did find cork stoppers at Home Depot for just pennies.

  9. Amy

    oh I love it! I have one just like it but mine only holds 3, I use them for mustard, salt and pepper 🙂

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