It was a dark and stormy night…

by adustyframe ~ February 3rd, 2008

well, it was dark at least.

One of the absolutely strangest experiences in this time happened a couple years ago.

It was New Year’s Eve and James and I had just returned from visiting my in-laws.

Our driveway brings us behind the house. Then we have to walk around the back of the house and around the side to get in the back door.

James and I were talking and chatting and as we stepped around the side of the house, something moved in the shadows.

I was completely horrified to see a man standing in my backyard and I couldn’t even grab James or scream. Whoever this was had opened my gate and walked into the backyard to stand in the dark.

The shadow stepped closer. He was wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch jacket, and all I could think was he didn’t belong in my yard.

He asked, “Is Lee home?” and as he moved I could see a badge.

I grabbed James, and said, “No! He doesn’t live here he’s incarcerated.”

He said he wanted to give him a sobriety test.

Well, I was so frightened  that I shouted, “That’s not normal to be standing in someone’s shadows! What are you doing? He’s in jail! He doesn’t even live here.”

He apologized and I think that he may have thought that I was a crazy lady.  To this day, I still don’t understand how they didn’t know where he was.

What kind of system is this anyway? If they don’t know that an individual is in their custody, I don’t know who is supposed to know!

I wasn’t pleased about the Abercrombie jacket either. If he had been in uniform, I probably would have been less frightened when I saw him.

He apologized again and left. I went inside and cried my eyes out.

The shock and fright were almost more than I could take. I cried too because I wished Lee had been home to take the test.

What a way to start a new year.


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  1. TransitionGirl

    That was totally unprofessional of the cop. He would have scared anyone with his antics! I probably would have screamed “intruder” super loud before i even saw who it was. You’re braver than me.

    Oh! I was definitely not brave. I’m not a shouter, but I was definitely bellering at him!

  2. Pam

    I don’t want to frighten you even more than you already were…..but if that ever happens again…..hopefully it won’t….I would immediately call 911 and verify that this was really an officer and get the incident documented…..may God continue to protect you…..Pam

    Thank you, Pam. I really should have. I should have filed a complaint after it all too.
    I don’t even remember if I had a cell phone with me and I honestly was so frightened that I couldn’t think straight.

  3. Katherine

    That is very bizarre. Why would the police come to someone’s house to give a sobriety test?! Was there a police car nearby?

    I agree with the last comment–and be careful!
    Praying for you,

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