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by adustyframe ~ February 24th, 2008

should you choose to accept it….

One thing that the Lord has been working on me through this trial is to not ignore the Spirit’s promptings.

You know the ones like, “So and so needs a card of encouragement.” or “Call So and so and see how she is.”

I know that people have ignored the Spirit’s prompting them to do something for me. I’ve even been told that.  “I thought about doing xyz for you but I figured someone else would.” Hmmm….

There is a reason that the Spirit prompts us. You have no idea what a huge encouragement a quick call or note is to someone that is hurting.

As this trial goes on (and on and on) it feels like people forget about us. That perhaps they’ve “moved on”. One difficult thing about a trial is the enduring and enduring and enduring and enduring some more.

As the time goes on the need to keep hanging on doesn’t go away. Some days the  hanging on is done by hands and hearts that are already exhausted from hanging on for so long already.

This past week the Lord prompted me to write a note to a lady at church who’s husband is ill. It took me many days to get that card in the mail. I should have dropped everything and mailed it on the day that God prompted me to send it. Maybe she was having a rough week and could have used a pick me up days earlier.

In your acquaintance you probably know someone that has been going through something for a very long time. This week, I’d like you to pray about what you can do and DO IT.

Perhaps it’s someone struggling with infertility, a mother of a wayward child, someone who lost their spouse, someone who is ill or their loved one is ill.  There are many situations a person may face long term. They need to know that you are praying for them and thinking of them.

The very easiest thing you can do is write  a note. If you don’t know what to say or you are afraid of saying the wrong thing, just write, “I’m praying for you this week.” They know what you’re praying for them about. (Believe me they know!)

If you don’t already have a card in the house, don’t let that be an excuse, write it on a piece of paper–scratch paper if you have to. People enduring trials need to know that you are lifting them up in prayer.

Often  your giving up 3 minutes to write a note, helps them hang on for many days.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you choose to accept this assignment.

(And no I’m NOT asking you to send me emails! I’m doing great this week.)


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  1. Beth

    What a great yet gentle reminder to us to be JESUS IN THE FLESH to others around us.
    Hugs & have a GREAT week.

    I like that “Jesus in the flesh”. That’s exactly who we can be to others.

  2. Barbara H.

    You’re so right, Lizzie — I know I have missed opportunities because I just never got around to it or felt I might be intruding. Your advice to just write and let someone know you’re praying is good. I know I have been ministered to by an unexpected “word in due season” many a time.

    Thanks, Barbara. Just hearing that someone is praying is a wonderful encouragment.

  3. Christy

    Thank you for the reminder, Lizzie. I have a friend whose address I’ve had for almost a week that needs to know I care and I’m thinking of her. I’m getting off my computer right now to write that note and get it in the mail.

    You are welcome. Thank you for taking time to encourage someone.

  4. Marie

    It’s funny because I was just praying about this sort of thing this morning – the concept of “ministry” in the day to day and what little things I can do to show God that I love Him, through serving other people. It’s great to intercede for others and maybe God has a “big” assignment for us somewhere along the line, and of course taking care of our families is serving God, but the little “extra” things we could easily do if we’re just thinking about other people that might make a world of difference to them (while not costing us anything).

    So I would consider this confirmation that I need to be looking for ways to encourage someone more. Definitely I accept this assignment, and am completely confident that God’s going to “prompt” me tomorrow. Thanks for this. You have a huge heart.

    You are welcome:) Thank you for accepting the assignment.

  5. Pam

    This is soooooo important!! I ask the Lord the first thing everyday… me how I can be a reflection of your love, kindness and patience today….
    Today I was at a very large shopping mall in Chicago. I was visiting and had never been there before. A lady came up to me and spoke very little English, she said “I am from France and I am a little lost. I am to meet my daughter” by such and such…..well I didn’t know where it was either, but she took my arm and we walked and asked and walked and asked….and we found her daughter… just made me smile….and thankful that this lady reached out to me…..such a little thing but a real blessing from our Lord. I could say, “God Bless….have a nice day!!

    Pam, you have a good idea, to pray in the morning. I’m sure that God brings tons of ideas to your mind throughout the week because you’re actively seeking him on how to be used.
    What a neat story you shared.

  6. Sheila

    Lizzie, what perfect timing for me to even come in here and sit down to read this post! I needed the reminder and my heart, like yours and others who endure and long to be encouraged at times, is reminded that I must be that which I long others to be to me. And when I do obey the voice of the Spirit, leading me to write a note or make a call or go visit someone, I’m so encouraged I forget about what was keeping me down before.

    Thanks so much for this reminder and challenge

    You are very welcome. Thank YOU for the kind words.

  7. EEEEMommy

    Excellent admonishment, Lizzie! I’ve wrestled with this myself, because I am one who always has the best intentions, and the greatest ideas, but PITIFUL follow-through. It really isn’t the thought that counts when the other person isn’t even aware that you thought of them at all! Thanks for the loving kick in the pants.

    You’re welcome;)

  8. LeftCoastOnlooker

    I fail so often in this area. I appreciate when someone else checks on me at just the right moment, but then I ignore the prompting all too often. Thanks for the nudge.

    You’re welcome. No more prompting ignoring!

  9. ElizabethB

    I often share books with people, I love books! Several years ago, a month or so before Christmas, a friend of my Mom’s lost her husband. I love Catherine Marshall, I felt the need to immediately send her “To Live Again.” (About her life and living again after her husband Peter Marshall died.) My husband thought I was crazy, he said, “It’s almost Christmas, why don’t you just send it as a Christmas present.” Her Christmas card said she had read it through 2 or 3 times and found it helpful and moving. So, she did need it pre-Christmas, I wasn’t crazy!

    I have given out 2 or 3 copies of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity,” at least one was timely and helpful, and I can only hope the others will ultimately bear fruit.

    I can’t find your e-mail, I have a book for you, too, send me an e-mail!

    liz91 at thephonicspage dot org (no spaces, the at sign, and a period)

    I got a nudge to call someone today, and did it, but before reading your post. (Of course, I’d been putting that one off for weeks.)

    Giving away a book that speaks to the topic sounds like a wonderful idea:)!
    I will email you.

  10. Chel

    I try to be aware of things that seem like coincidence and realize that more likely, they are God. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me feel more connected to Him – praying when an ambulance goes by us… praying for someone if a stray memory or thought comes to me.

    Yes you are right. Things are not just coincidences

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