by adustyframe ~ February 26th, 2008

Galatians 5:13…but by love serve one another.

I’ve been considering this verse lately and praying about what kind of service God has for me. I am confident that God will show me where and how to serve.

The ways I serve have changed drastically over the last years. I don’t do all the things I used to do, but I do many things that I never had time to do before.

One way that God is reminding me to serve, is with my time when others need me.

Sometimes it feels like my phone rings off the wall and everyone needs my time for something.
God challenged me to put them ahead of my need to relax or read or claim my time as my own.
I don’t answer the phone during school hours, but the rest of the day perhaps these “interruptions” are God ordained?
We had a Sunday School lesson a few weeks ago where Pastor shared how to handle interruptions.

1. Obey God’s will
Acts 16:10

2. Look for opportunities that each interruption provides.
Acts 16:13

3. Serve God where he places me
Acts 16:14

4. Keep praying and praising
Acts 16:25

How do you deal with interruptions? I know I need to work on my responses.


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  1. Chel

    I think interruptions are different for everyone, even though that sounds silly. I work in a call center environment, and when I get home, I’ll answer my cell phone, but the land line can ring forever for all I care. I’m not going to answer it. 🙂

    I find I’m more challenged by interruptions in my thought patterns… one of the kids asking a question when I’m focusing on something else… the reminder that I need to do the laundry when I want to do the dishes instead. And yet, I know that those little questions can be really important.

    And maybe there’s a forgotten $20 in the laundry that someone forgot and that would buy us a surprise dinner that I didn’t have to cook. 🙂 Gotta follow those interruptions sometimes!

    hee hee on the money in the laundry;)

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