Passionate Housewives Desperate for God

by adustyframe ~ March 18th, 2008

I just received this book this week. I’m already enjoying it.

What a blessing to find Biblical encouragement for something I highly value.

When it came in the mail, my sweet son said,

“MOM! I thought you said we didn’t watch Desperate Housewives.”

HAHA! He cracks me up. I had to tell him it was a book about being desperate for God.

I’m pretty sure he thought I was trying to be sneaky.


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  1. KimC

    I love this book too!
    I noticed that you linked it to Amazon; I just wanted you to know that the publisher of this book, Vision Forum, has a much more generous affiliate program than Amazon. They also have a lot of other materials that you would probably enjoy. Of course, I’m a little biased since my husband works there. 🙂
    You can join the affiliate program here if you’re interested.

    Thanks I’ll have to check into that:)

  2. Joy

    He’s so cute, he cracks me up!!!

  3. abrianna


    I got a good laugh out of James comment. Too funny!

  4. Barbara H.

    I have this but haven’t started it yet. My kids did look at it kind of funny, too.

  5. Katherine

    I am looking forward to reading that book–I listened to an interview with the authors the other day and have had it on my mind!

    I missed the interviews! I wanted to listen but life got in the way.

  6. Marie

    This looks like a book I’d enjoy, too! If I order it I’ll do so through your blog.


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