by adustyframe ~ March 21st, 2008

Yesterday at the marriage seminar, we watched  another Gary Smalley video.

He said that this concept could change a marriage or any relationship in a relatively short period of time.

He held up a violin to represent a marriage gone wrong. The strings were hanging off the front. It looked old and weathered. It was not pretty.

He said, “Look at this thing! Who would give this to anyone? What a mess!”

He looked inside with a grimace. Perhaps he was trying to show how nasty it was.

Then he said, “What if I read this name inside that I can see?” and he said the name,



There was an audible gasp. He looked up and smiled and explained that the owner had lent it to him for this seminar. Even in such horrible disrepair it was worth nearly $100,00.

He said that gasp showed honor. Honor for a highly prized valuable instrument.

He handed it to a couple in the front row and I could see them holding it carefully. Touching it gently. Looking inside at the name and smiling.

He wanted to share a picture of honor. He said we should choose to treat our spouses this way.

He said you can even be silly and gasp and say, “I am so honored to be in your presence.” or “We are so honored to have you home.”

What would change in our homes, marriages, and other relationships if we truly chose to honor each other?

My husband is more priceless than a Stradivarius  to me. He is even more highly valued by our Saviour who chose to die for him.


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  1. Katherine

    What a perfect way to make that point–I like this a lot!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Susan

    That was so good and so needed. I am really struggling with honoring my husband and giving him the respect I need to. Due to bitterness from past events I keep lashing out at him and I have to stop. I pray I can see him as the priceless object that he is to God. Please pray for me, I made the decision to forgive recently and I am asking God to make my heart forgive him too and not just my head. sincerely, susan

    Susan, I wanted you to know that I’ve prayed for you a few times since you left this comment.
    Please know that it will be hard, but it is definitely possible.

  3. Susan

    Dear Lizzie, Have you seen the movie, Man of Faith? It is about the faith healer Leroy Jenkins. There is a part where he goes to prison and God really uses him to convert his cellblock. There is an amazing scene where they all get baptized. Otherwise the movie is kind of sad as he didn’t really walk in the light but I learned a lot from it. sincerely, Susan

    I have not seen that.

  4. Ame

    WOW … how powerful! i’m so glad you shared this 🙂

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