by adustyframe ~ March 21st, 2008

Lunch at the marriage seminar had a Southern flair yesterday.

BBQ chicken (which I gave to Lee. I do not like eating meat off of bones. It grosses me out!),

Cornbread, pinto beans (Lee gave me his. He cannot stand beans! Aren’t we quite a pair?)

And the dreaded Collard Greens. I decided to be brave.

My Dad comes from Southern roots and loves the things. They weren’t bad. (Don’t tell my Dad I said that….)

I didn’t eat the whole plate full but I did have several bites.  Lee did not even touch his.
Pecan pie was the dessert. (Not as good as my Mom’s!)

Lee and I ate lunch with one of the facilitating couples. We enjoyed getting to know them a little better and took the opportunity to thank them for their service to us.

The topic was influence yesterday. We did some exercises to see how well we worked together and if we could be influenced by our spouse.

We also filled out an Easter basket picture. On the eggs we had to write what we appreciated about each other and on the basket we wrote what we appreciated about our marriage. Then we had to read it out loud in front of our small group.

It was nice to hear Lee say what he loved about me in front of others.

We also watched another Gary Smalley video. I’m going to share the idea from that in a separate post.

We had a very nice time together as always.

Every time Lee is able to sit next to me and put his arm around me, I cry and yesterday was no exception. It’s such a “small” thing, but it is a bit of normalcy that I very much miss.


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  1. Patricia

    =) I just had to comment about the collard greens – the southerner that I am. I’m not sure how they were cooked, but if you ever have a chance to cook them yourself, my grandmother taught me to add a pinch of sugar to the pot to take away any bitterness.

    I am so grateful that you and Lee are able to participate in these marriage seminars. An unexpected blessing under the circumstances. ((((Hugs))))

    I don’t know how they were cooked either. I’m not sure I’ll run out and buy some but IF I DO;0 I’ll remember your tip.

  2. Katherine

    It sounds like a very nice day!

  3. Susanna

    What are collard greens?

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