What did they say?

by adustyframe ~ March 28th, 2008

I was at the Y yesterday working out. I was lifting weights and waiting for my friend from church to meet up with me.

There was an announcement on the loudspeakers and my ears heard,

“Attention all staff and inmates….”

I almost had to shake my head to clear it. I looked around. Yes, I indeed was at the Y.

My mind was playing tricks on me! I guess I’ve heard that announcement so many times that my brain just finished the thought for the announcer.

I never really heard what they DID say. I hope it wasn’t for me! (lol)


4 Thoughts Shared to What did they say?

  1. Kim

    Funny…in a sad sort of way.

  2. Heidi

    Sounds like someone was feeling a bit “imprisoned” by their exercise routine that day!! : )

  3. Katherine

    The mind does funny things sometimes~I hope you were able to laugh it off…

    Oh yes I’m fine;)

  4. Andrea

    That was an interesting story. I really enjoy visiting your site. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on mine.

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