We WILL serve the Lord

by adustyframe ~ March 30th, 2008



When Lee and I were married, we chose this verse for our wedding program.


We had my Dad make sure to share this verse and talk about our desire to create a Christian home.


I bought a plaque with this verse emblazoned on it. I hung it prominently in the living area so that we could see it daily.


When our marriage was falling apart and things were at their ugly lows, I ripped the plaque off the wall and threw it away. I was so angry at Lee.


It wasn’t that I didn’t want to serve the Lord anymore.

It was just that I felt like having that plaque on the wall was a joke. We weren’t serving the Lord as a family at all and I couldn’t pretend that we were.


To this day there still isn’t a plaque on our wall with this verse on it, but Lee sent this card last week.


I think he’s doing wonderfully on his calligraphy, but to see HIM choose to use this verse and send it home to us blessed my heart in ways I cannot begin to explain.


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  1. Marie


    Lizzie, that’s a miracle!! That he chose that verse, exactly. He still remembers. Actually, I’m sure God put it on his heart. I know exactly how you felt looking at that plaque and why you ripped it down – it felt almost mocking, it seemed so hypocritical at the time. To this day I still cannot look at my wedding pictures or video. Very painful. It’s good to just concentrate on who we are in Christ NOW, and where He’s brought us, not where we’ve been.

    Thank you for saying he remembers. That was a huge blessing–just that though.
    I also like your point to look where God has brought us.

  2. Katherine

    His calligraphy is beautiful–you could frame it…

    Thank you:) I’ll tell him. He’s getting really good at it.

  3. Joy

    What a blessing!!! Tell Lee for me that he is doing a really nice job!

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