My blessings this week

by adustyframe ~ April 26th, 2008


1. I was able to sell a bunch of clothing to a resale store and received a nice check.

2. Lee has been reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and getting very excited about implementing his plan. Which is a huge blessing to me. The way we handle money (as a couple) has been a huge stress in the past.

3. The marriage seminar was very nice.

4. James got to choose his Compassion child. We chose a little boy from Uganda. It’s so sweet to hear him pray for him each night. “Please help him to be healthy and that he will know you.”

5. God’s continued amazing provision for our needs. The things I’ve been selling for my client have been doing really well.


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  2. Tania

    What a full week! It is neat to hear you share about the seminar with your husband. Sounds like it went well.

    It is a good reminder to me that my days don’t just happen to be good, God’s hand is always in it. I need to take more time to recognize the blessings in my life, small or big.

  3. Jenny

    I’m not sure how you found my site, but thank you so much for linking your testimony of how you have seen God at work this week! What an encouragement!!

    You are welcome.

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