Fruits of Pride #6 What humility is not

by adustyframe ~ April 27th, 2008

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What Humility is NOT-

1. Humility is not denying the gifts and graces that God has given you. God has called you and gifted you, denying those gifts and putting yourself down concerning those gifts is NOT humility but pride.

2. Humility is not a lack of direction, desire or Godly ambition. We don’t want to mix up the difference between selfish ambition and Godly ambition. We all should be ambitious and zealous for the things of God. Our lives are not aimless. True humility is a “want” to be used by God to do great things for God.

3. Humility is not denying the work of God in you or in the church. It is not prideful to tell others how God is using our church our youth or anything else about our church. God is getting the glory not us. It is not pride for someone to get up and give a testimony if it is about God has done. It has to do with what is motivating your heart.

4. Humility is not the pursuit of being average. Some people think that if you are humble you have to look a certain way – being average or mediocre. Not so, we are to pursue excellence. The pursuit of excellence in not done so that we can draw attention to ourselves, instead, it is done to bring Glory to God.

5. Humility is not denying or backing away from the truth. Jesus was very humble but a very direct individual. He did not back away from the truth.


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