Lee’s Cellie

by adustyframe ~ April 29th, 2008

Lee got a new cellie after the stabbing incident.

He says this guy is sort of like a kid. He talks all day long. He tells Lee everything. (Things you don’t want to know.)

He describes everything in detail. He wants everything exactly perfect.

Lee tells me all sorts of funny stories about him. He said one day at breakfast they were eating some nasty eggs.

They were rubbery and watery. He heard his cellie at another table saying things like,

“These eggs are disgusting. This is nasty. This isn’t even food.”

So when they got back to their room, Lee said, “Man! Those were the best eggs I ever ate.”

His cellie yelled, “Don’t mess with me. Don’t mess with me. That’s not even funny.”

Of course Lee thought that was hilarious.


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  1. Ame

    you might as well make things fun! 🙂

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