My last visit to the prison (I hope!)

by adustyframe ~ May 11th, 2008

After church today, I went to visit Lee. As I walked up the hall to the visiting room, I thought, “Ok. This is my last prison visit.” I certainly hope it is

We’re down to 2 days.

We’ve heard that the guards like to mess with people when their time is almost up.
I guess that’s right because the visit started out with Lee getting a conduct report for arriving in the visiting room at 12:16.
He was sent from his unit at 12:00. They aren’t supposed to have movement for 10 minutes before count which is at 12:25.
It’s not Lee’s fault that his unit’s guards sent him to the visiting room. It’s their option to send them or say that the inmate has to wait.

The guard on duty today is a horrible man. He screams and yells and humiliates prisoners on a regular basis.
We heard him screaming at a lot of people today and I also heard him bellering “You’re getting a conduct report” to a few other people.
Well, about 1/2 hr before my visit was up, Lee had to use the bathroom. I said, “even with him up there? You’re going to get in trouble.”
Lee went to ask permission to use the bathroom, there were a few prisoners at the desk.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I saw Lee sit down at the table (where they sit until the guard gives them permission to approach the desk). Then the guard screamed, “You go in the shake down room” and all the guards left the room with Lee.

I heard a LOT of banging which frightened me . Then the nasty guard came to me and said, “Your husband is going to the hole for his attitude” He grabbed Lee’s jacket and I had to leave.
I don’t even know what happened yet. I really hope that Lee bit his tongue but I wouldn’t be surprised if he said something to the guard.
I am also worried that they were throwing him around. There was so much banging that I haven’t heard ever before when I’ve been there.

My afternoon was really stressful. I have to be honest that I am worried that they hurt him. I am almost certain that they cannot keep him past Tuesday even though he was sent to the hole today.

I don’t know though. Everything about his case has been opposite of what should happen.

I guess that I will see if I can go visit him tomorrow and hear what happened. I don’t know if they will even let me visit him. If they do, it will be in the booth over the phone.

During the visit this afternoon, my husband said, “You know we just can’t give up right now. It’s like we’re running a marathon and we have to run 25 miles and we’re at mile 20 right now. We have to keep hanging on.”

I was so encouraged when he shared this with me. I am praying tonight that he is still holding onto that thought. I’m praying that he doesn’t give up.

You can pray for me too. I am feeling like “What’s the use” tonight. Everything just seems to constantly go wrong.


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  1. Kim

    Hang in there, Girl. This too shall pass. You are bigger and stronger than this trial and so is your God.

    Thank you, Kim. I don’t know if I’m bigger but God sure is!

  2. Susan

    Dear Lizzie, I’m praying. Love, Susan. Maybe the devil is taking his last swing?

    I think you’re right but I’m sure it’s not his LAST swing unfortunately.

  3. Kate

    Maybe God had me check your blog at this late hour for a reason. I will be praying for you these next several days. There is a reason for everything under the sun. God will carry you through this just as he has carried you through the last few years. Look at all he has brought you through and how much you both have grown (a journal is great for reflecting like this).

    Thank you for praying. We appreciate that so much!

  4. TransitionGirl

    thats just not right! those guards are on some evil power trip!! But the Lord will protect Lee. Those guards can’t pass through God’s protection.

    There is a lot of power trip stuff.

  5. Andrea

    I am praying for you & for Lee. You have grown very dear to me as I read about your trials & growth.(I guess that is how Christ brings people together. I think of you as a sweet friend even though I don’t know you personally) I praise God for the encouragement you bring to my life & the many others who read your blog. I am praying that all will go well & that Lee is okay. Thank you for sharing all you do!!

    Thank you, Andrea. What an encouragement your comment is to me.

  6. Katherine

    I hope he will call you as soon as he can tomorrow–I am sure you are stressed! It is terrible that guards can be so manipulative. As I was reading this, I was thinking, “Someone should bring a hidden camera in there!”, but I am sure they screen everyone…

    Stay strong! I am praying for you.

    Kat, there is NO way for anything to be brought into the prison. They do video the visiting area, but it’s not for helping the inmates in complaints against the guards;)!

  7. Beth

    That is simply horrible. Our hearts go out to both of you. We are appalled at how Lee is being treated. Our prayers will continue for you all.

  8. Marie

    Oh Lizzie; that is awful. I can’t understand why they would arbitrarily just torment someone like that. I am so sorry that you both are going through this. I’m glad I stopped in here and saw this just now….I haven’t spent time with the Lord yet today and will have this fresh in my mind to pray for Lee this morning. I hope they let him out when they’re supposed to. You know, I hope this doesn’t sound over-spiritual or like I’m trying to put a silver lining on the situation, but when I was reading your para above about their taking Lee away, the thought that flashed through my mind was “Jesus understands – He knows what it’s like to be roughed up by prison guards.” Seriously. Not that it makes what Lee’s going through any less dreadful, BUT, remind him that Jesus understands exactly how he feels and has been there. He’s there with him even in the hole. I’m so glad we have a Savior Who even knows what it’s like to be a prisoner – humiliated, mistreated and abused. I am not glad that He went through that for us, but we can take comfort in the fact that because He did, He can sympathize.

    I love you and will pray for your sweet family. He has you snuggled up in His strong arms!

    Thank you, Marie. Your words were an encouragement to me. So are your prayers.

  9. Jenn

    Oh my, that would leave me feeling very unsettled and nervous as well. Lee’s words were very encouraging – so I’m sure he did not provoke anything. As you said, it was likely that mean guard messing with him – trying to instigate something perhaps? I only hope and pray that Lee is safe and unharmed and that nothing will stand in the way to Tuesday’s release. Will keep you both in my prayers today.

  10. Barbara H.

    Oh, Lizzie, I am so sorry this visit ended this way. I don’t know what gets into people’s heads that they have to have these little power trips. It certainly makes it hard to “love our enemies” when they act that way (though I know he’s not an “enemy” per se). I hope and pray all is well. I like Lee’s marathon analogy.

  11. Jackie

    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you during this difficult time of your and Lee’s lift. My brother-in-law faces possible prison time in the future.

    I also wanted to let you know that I absolutely think that Lee is correct in his marathon analogy. My father runs marathon’s and he says that once you reach mile 23 it is like hitting a brick wall. All you can do is focus on putting one foot in front of the other and have “mini” goals. “I am going to make it to the next tree…to the next curve…etc.” I hope you are able to see Lee today and he and you are able to keep focusing on the finish line.


    Jackie, thank you for sharing this. I told Lee what you said. A few times these past days he’s said, “Ok we’re going to make it to the next tree.”

  12. Tania

    Oh that must have been so hard for you to hear that. I will pray that he is okay and that everything will go as planned for him to leave.

    This makes me sad that they get treated this way. I am so sorry.

  13. Pam

    Praying….praying….praying….for peace, compassion, wisdom, calm……come Holy Spirit….fill Lee and Lizzie….Pam, South Bend

  14. Revka

    OH, Lizzie! I’m excited that Lee will be released in just a couple of days but so sad that this is going on. I pray that he is okay, that the Lord will be with you as you handle this additional stress, and that the Lord would use Lee to be a testimony to his guards through all of this.

    Love you!

  15. becky


  16. Stephanie

    Prayers going up for you and Lee….

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