Wedding Rings~Photography Practice

by adustyframe ~ May 30th, 2008

I mentioned that Lee got a new wedding band when he was first released.

I took a photo of it the other day. How blessed I was to have him help me at home and be able to touch his precious hands.



I saw this idea and wanted to practice it in case I ever get good enough to do a wedding. (yeah right!)

I love how the ring makes a heart shaped shadow. I would have put the ring in 1 Cor. 13 or Song of Solomon 5 where it says “this is my beloved and this is my friend” except that those verses aren’t near a crease in my Bible! So I used this one in Proverbs.






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  1. Jessica

    Those are gorgeous, Lizzie! I’m so happy for you, now that your hubby is nearer to you! Prayin’ for you and look forward to continuing to hear and see how God is working in your life! Have they relented on letting Father and son reunite?

  2. Beth

    Beautiful Lizze.

  3. Marie

    It’s beautiful!

    You wrote that he was able to help you at home — now I assume that means he and James have been able to reunite? What was that like for them? I bet incomparable!

    The answer to that is a big NO.

  4. Christie

    Those are BEAUTIFUL! How did you ever get that shadow?

    Ok, I used a tiny dab of non permanent scrapbook adhesive to help the ring stand up. Then I placed a lamp at the top of the Bible so the light shone brightly to make a nice shadow.

    Then I just took the photo;).

  5. The NON-Superwoman

    Love the photos…..especially the Bible one. That would be a good one to blow up and frame!

  6. Jenn

    VERY beautiful!

  7. TransitionGirl

    those are beautiful pictures!!!! 🙂

  8. ashley @ twentysixcats

    Beautiful! I’d have you come shoot my wedding 🙂 Except… I’m already married… oh well 🙂

    And I have to say, it thrills my heart to see a picture of Lee’s hand! I had a 2 year long distance relationship with my husband when we were dating, which I know is COMPLETELY different than prison, but it made me so happy when we were finally together again and I could take pictures of him. It’s the little things, it really is.

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