Works of God Weekend

by adustyframe ~ May 30th, 2008



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  1. Beth

    My husband and I have been praising God for the extra physical strength he has been giving us the last couple weeks. Also a huge amount of being able to laugh at ourselves when because of brain over load we do stupid thing or say silly things that don’t come out of our mouths correctly. God is so good to us always. I am so glad we know him and he LOVES us. Praises God!!!

  2. Marie

    Okay, I didn’t blog about either of these 2 things because they’re both very personal. Last Friday, God healed my marriage of nearly 13 years. I’m not exaggerating. Wednesday night, we had a huge explosion (over something trivial) in which over a decade’s worth of pent-up anger, resentment and bitterness on my end came out. It was bad. I have never felt able to communicate to him and have been stuffing it down for so long; I couldn’t even describe how angry I’d gotten. We didn’t speak for 2 days, but then on Friday night everything came out and it turned out he still does love me and had never changed his attitude towards me. I felt very convicted, also, because this whole time I’d been praying and asking God to heal my depression and soften my husband’s heart towards me, but I’d fail to see HIS pain and struggle through the years here with his situation. It drove us to feel further apart and have less intimacy. We were up until 3 in the morning talking about things we’d never talked about before, and it’s like we have a completely new beginning in our marriage. God is at the center, and He has changed us. I am so, so grateful to Him for helping us.

    Then on Wednesday I had hemorrhoid surgery, and no pain or discomfort afterwards. I went back to work right away. I think I’m maybe the only person in the history of the world to have a completely painless recovery after that type of operation, (so what am I supposed to do with all these drugs they gave me??? Give ’em to charity??) so that is something I am personally quite thankful for.

    God gets all the glory. My marriage situation is a bigger deal than the hemorrhoid thing, though. 🙂

  3. Susanna

    Hello 🙂 I will post but it will be late- maybe even for next weekend- as this weekend did not go according to plan…hence the upcoming post :)HAve just had a quick read through your other posts. Will keep praying.

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