As the Stomach Turns

by adustyframe ~ June 23rd, 2008

Lee went to see his parole officer last Friday. She has been a little easier to talk to and not as harsh as she was at first.

Lee handed her some information she asked for. I wrote it up for him and left it for him with a love note. He didn’t think about that and handed her both pieces of paper.

She handed him back the note and said, “I think that’s yours. I saw xo on it.”

Then she said, “Wait a minute! What was the name on that note?”

Lee said, “Liz”.

She said, “So you have a girlfriend don’t you!”

He told her that was my childhood nickname and that all my family calls me Liz. She said there is no way Liz could be a nickname for my name and she doesn’t believe him.

Oh man! I told Lee that both pieces of paper obviously had the same person’s hand writing on them, but she didn’t check that.

I told Lee that surely she must have been joking with him and he said he didn’t think so. What a ride we’re on. We just have to laugh.



**My post title comes from a family joke. When things are too weird to believe we say, “As the Stomach Turns.”


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  1. Katherine

    Well, if she wasn’t joking, hopefully she’ll “confront” you and you can confirm your nickname!! 🙂

    I think it’s kind of interesting that she’d even question what a “nickname” would be, LOL–sometimes, nicknames don’t make any sense at all!

    It’ll be okay–I continue to pray for y’all!

  2. TransitionGirl

    oh, i sure hope she’s joking. if no, she better check and not jump to conclusions. but how sweet with that love note. awwww. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    a. I’ve got some new posts up at my blog FINALLY!

    b. on the name thing–I grew up wit a Melissa who was always known as Liz. People never believed her either–always tried to make her answer to “Missy.” She’s 43 and still “Liz.”

  4. Susanna

    Some people just seemed programmed to think the worst don’t they? Take it as an encouragement. She is obviously challenged by what she sees and wants to find a ‘flaw’ in you and Lee’s profession- grasping at straws it seems!

  5. theprincessofquitealot

    That’s not funny that she doesn’t believe him, but I could see how she wouldn’t think that Liz would be your nickname. I can verify it for her if you need me to. LOL! It’s true, we’ve called you Liz as long as I can remember.

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