by adustyframe ~ June 24th, 2008

**Update number 2. The interview went really well. They were excited about his skills and his excitement about the job. They said they have 2 positions open and have 2 more interviews. They had already interviewed someone before Lee.

They will let him know on Friday and if they hire him, he won’t start work for another week. He is going to the temp agency tomorrow to see if they will find something for him for a week or so.

Thank you for continuing to pray about this matter. Lee getting this job won’t make all our difficulties go away, but it will help with one of them!


**It’s in about 1 hour. Thank for those who asked. Good thing too because the temp job was over today! We didn’t know that. I am trying to trust and not let the nagging doubt overtake my mind!**

Lee has a job interview tomorrow afternoon. He has to go straight from work. He’s worried about not appearing fresh and crisp, but this is the only time that will work.

He said he feels like he’s getting that job tomorrow. I truly hope he will because it will pay better. I also hope he will because I hate it when he’s disappointed. He is so hard on himself and not being able to provide for us has been a huge burden on his shoulders.

Thank you for praying. We appreciate you so much.


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  1. Beth

    We will be praying for Lee. Glad to hear he finally was able to make an appointment that will work. Hugs for you all.

  2. TransitionGirl

    Will pray! i do hope he gets the job! 🙂

  3. Pam

    I will pray for Lee and the person doing the interview….I would ask you to please continue to pray for my son-in law who is also out of work. God Bless you Lizzie and your family,

  4. Lisa

    What time? I’ll be sure to pray anyway, but let us know the time if you read this in time.

  5. Kaje

    I’ll pray too! Fingers crossed for him.

  6. Chel

    I’m just now getting around to read this, so I’m glad I got to read it all at once and get the good interview report right away. 🙂 I’ll be anxiously awaiting to see how tomorrow goes.

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