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by adustyframe ~ June 25th, 2008

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard a lot of wonderful reports about my son.

All moms know how wonderful it is to hear good things about their babies. The l comments make me so proud of him. They are also humbling because I haven’t really done this alone. Without the Lord, I would be a sniveling mess.

A few weeks ago, a lady from church said to me, “You know as parents we can’t always choose our children’s friends, but my husband and I are so glad that James is (son’s name) friend.”

What a tremendous thing to hear. I am so thankful that she shared that with me.

Tonight, I was watching my nephew. When my sister in law picked him up, she said, “You know James is such a good boy. You can tell he is parented well. He’s such a joy and such a good boy. I enjoy having him around.”

She also said, “You know when I hear people are down on you for homeschooling, I feel like telling them Look at the boy! He’s fine.”

On Monday night, my nephew was over also. When my sister in law picked him up, she took James fishing with her. Lee’s brother and wife met them at the bridge to help. My brother in law is quite the fisherman. My sister in law? Not so much! So he came to help the boys fish.

Tonight, I was talking to Lee. Lee spent time with his brother this afternoon. My brother in law (the fisher man) said, “Wow! James is a cool kid. He’s addicted to fishing just like me.” He told Lee all about James fishing and how he didn’t want to stop. Then he said, “When it was time to go, I just nodded my head toward the car and started walking. I turned around and James had picked up everything and was running towards me. What an obedient little boy. He has good manners and he listens too.”

While Lee was relating this story to me, I was saying, “AWW!”
I don’t go around seeking compliments or approval, but when it’s freely offered, it’s a wonderful encouragement to my tired single mom self.

I know that Lee was encouraged to hear such good things about his son too.

If you know a single mom and she’s doing a good job, will you tell her? Do it for me ok?



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  1. TransitionGirl

    that’s so sweet! it’s truly a blessing to have a wonderful son. More valuable than all the richest in the world.

  2. Lisa

    I know exactly what you mean in this post!! Just smile and enjoy!

  3. Barbara H.

    That’s a great reminder — we all need encouragement that we’re on the right track.

  4. Gina

    I’ve been meaning to tell you about this…

    A few weeks ago at church, a boy was baptized by his daddy. Just before the daddy baptized his son he addressed our congregation, adding that this event was especially significant to them because several years earlier, the daddy had been released from prison, and he knew so many people had prayed for him and his family.

    I cried all the way through it, just wishing you could be there to see it, because it would give you so much hope, and I think joy, too.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there are such great blessings God has in store for your family. He has brought you through so much already.

  5. Susanna

    Ahhhhhhh . It is like a big hug without the ‘hug’!

  6. theprincessofquitealot

    awwww…..he is a good little boy! I remember one time when I was visiting and I had him for the day. We came to see you at the store and then left to go shopping. He was 3 and started running across the parking lot. All I said was “Wait for me!” and he stopped DEAD in his tracks. I only wish my own 3 year old was that obedient…….

  7. Sarah

    Blessings and more blessings that He will bestow upon your family. How awesome.

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