Praising God

by adustyframe ~ July 26th, 2008

Earlier this week, Lee told me he had a surprise for me today. He gave me few clues so I couldn’t imagine what it would be. He had to return to the facility by 7 pm so I knew it couldn’t be anything too huge.

I told my friend Gigi that I hoped he wasn’t taking me to watch the races. She told me I should be thankful that I could do anything with him. (Her husband is still incarcerated and she’s right. I am just thankful I can be with Lee.)

We set off down the highway. Finally Lee told me that he wanted to go to a woodworking store in a town quite a bit away. I said, “Ok.” I didn’t mind really because I didn’t have expectations for the day anyway.

We were nearing the town, when Lee said, “What is that noise?” The car (You know THE CAR that I have blogged quite a bit about?)was definitely producing some loud noises on the front passenger side. I asked if we should be worried. He said that no don’t worry about it. I admitted to him that I was a little freaked out, but the sound wasn’t as loud.

Then it got really loud and he pulled over to the side of the highway but it was the wrong side to safely look at the car. He got back on the highway but drove slowly and pulled over to the right side.

We got out and looked. He didn’t see anything, but we saw a gas station at the next exit. He drove very slowly up the on ramp and right as we were turning onto the overpass, there was a loud BANG. The car shook and as I turned to look out the window–it felt like slow motion–I saw the tire rolling across the highway.

I said, “Oh Lord! Thank you that we’re safe.” (God thing #1) Lee pulled across the lane onto the side even without a tire. Thankfully there was little traffic on the overpass and no one had been behind us or coming toward us when the tire fell off.

He looked at everything and we were both quite shocked I think. The lug nuts had all sheared off and turned the tire loose. What an odd thing to have happen. I was just so thankful that we were going slow. I honestly can’t imagine what sort of damage or loss of life would have occurred if we were on the highway when the tire let loose.

We started walking to the gas station and someone pulled up to pick us up. He took us down the ramp (opposite side where we just came up) and there was a tire and auto place right there in walking distance from the car. (God thing #2!)

It was 11:50 and they closed at 12:00 (God thing #3). However, they weren’t ready to close because they were changing oil in a fleet of rental cars. There was a big convention starting next week and all the cars had to have their oil changed. What a “coincidence” that they weren’t ready to run out the door at 12:00 Huh?! (God thing #4)

The auto place called a tow truck and Lee went back to the car. I decided to wait there and busied myself with a magazine. It was nearly an hour before the tow truck pulled in with our car. The driver told Lee that actually this is a very common occurrence. I have never really heard of anyone that it happened to but apparently we aren’t the 1st.

Lee and I talked, watched TV, laughed, ate an ice cream bar, drank water, and played cards. I found out that his plan had been to take me to a Laura Ingalls Wilder day at a museum in this town. (Aww!!! How sweet that he planned this knowing how much I love Laura!)

We never made it there. We were at the garage until 3:30 and I decided we should just head back to our town. Lee and I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch and it was in our best interests to find something to eat! I told him he was so special just for planning this. So he wonders if that means he only has to plan things now but not actually do them? (What a comedian!)

Of course this little bit of excitement wasn’t cheap. We don’t use our credit card and are working towards paying down what we owe, but I had used it to book the hotel room for the wedding a couple weeks ago. I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and thought to myself that I should take the credit card out and put it away but I didn’t. (God thing #5) As much as I hate credit cards and as much as we don’t use it and want to pay it down, it was a very good thing that I had it along because we didn’t have that kind of money in the checking account.

Lee and I replayed the events over and over in our conversation this afternoon, and could only come to one conclusion. God was watching over us and orchestrated so many details.

So we didn’t get to Laura Days, but we had a sweet afternoon just being together at the garage! We are of course praising God that we are safe.

Oh and actually God thing #1 was that my husband was driving and that it wasn’t James and I alone!



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  1. Prairie Rose

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet!!!! I believe LIW Days are still on there for tomorrow. Dare you return? 😉

    Prairie Rose, I really think this one was only today! There must be another one I’m missing out on huh!? I assume you keep track of them all?:). Even if it was tomorrow again, it’s not easy to arrange everything just right so we can go so we’d skip it anyway. Oh well!

  2. Sarah

    God’s finger prints indeed 🙂

  3. Ame


  4. Marie

    God was DEFINITELY watching over you two! I’m glad you were together when this happened, for safety sake and just for being able to spend time together. Yup, credit cards are good to have in case of emergency.

    You put me to shame…I don’t know too many other people (myself included) who would think to praise God if the tire came off their car. Praise God you weren’t injured – that’s the 1st thing that came to mind. (On the highway; no less?!?)

  5. Barbara H.

    Your last line was my first thought — I’m so glad this didn’t happen when you were driving alone or with James!

    God is so good!

  6. Kim

    I am so glad you are safe! What a scary thing.

  7. Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    Praising God with you, dear Lizzie. So much to be thankful for.

  8. Beth

    God was definitely watching and protecting you. So glad Lee was with you when it happened. Also very glad it didn’t happen at top road speed. God is awesome in His care for we His children.

  9. Susan

    I was at a garage sale today and bought the collected works of Laura Ingalls Wilder! For my daughter who doesn’t read yet. She loves to be read to so I hope she will love to read.

    God was certainly watching over you two today.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Lisa

    Lots of things to Praise there–but mostly the sweet gesture on Lee’s part in planning such a nice surprise and that God protected you both and got you safely out of that car!

  11. jodi

    I had that happen to me once with my girls in the car. It sure was weird! Thankfully, I was going semi-slowly because I was on a downhill that was also going around a corner. The angle of the road kept my car level long enough to see the tire go rolling across the road and “coast” on three tires while applying the brakes to stop. Weirdest thing I ever had happen in a car!

    And, if I can add something I noticed…man plans his ways (to Laura days) but the Lord directs his steps (to a repair shop). Joyfully you both followed where He lead. If I’ve read your blog right over the years, that may not have been the way it turned out not so long ago, so I call it God thing #6: A marriage with two hearts so genuinely devoted to His will no matter what storms come your way (or roll across the interstate).

  12. EEEEMommy

    Praising the Lord with you for His protection and that you still had a great day despite the inconvenience!
    Congrats on the new job too, I’ll be praying Lee transistions well to the time change.
    God is good!

  13. TransitionGirl

    I’m sooo glad it was Lee and you, and not you and James alone in the car. It’s so nice to be able to have Lee there to take care of it and protect you. Really praise the Lord for His amazing timing and planning. 🙂

  14. Janean

    It’s been awhile since I’ve visited. And I got such a WONDERFUL surprise reading this post. Lee is HOME with you?!?! AWESOME

    Not quite home. He’s in a low security facility.

  15. Susanna

    What an awesome reminder of God’s soverign care for uw- I confess I too easliy forget that His hand is in all things. Glad you are both OK.

    Thank you! We are too!

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