This and That

by adustyframe ~ July 28th, 2008

There’s nothing too exciting going on here today. I have housework to do and packages to mail.

Tonight our church starts VBS at the park and I’m helping with crowd control.

I’ll get to see Lee for about 2 hours before he starts working second shift this week. Then next week, he starts his new job and goes back to 1st shift for training, then back to second shift. You can pray for him to adjust to his new schedule.

I’m working on a post to share some of my favorite homeschool links. It was getting long so I saved it to work on another time. Look for it though! Even if you don’t homeschool there are tons of easy to use links with ideas any parent can use.

I meant to share this earlier. Lee made this for our friends who got married last month. The photo isn’t perfect because the frame was in the packaging but you can see what a great job he did.


Happy Monday!



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  1. TransitionGirl

    oh. i like that picture.

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