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by adustyframe ~ July 29th, 2008

I wanted to share some of my saved links for Homeschooling. I will probably post about my favorite books sometime in the future too, but for now this is enough! It looks like I need to do some more work on the boys section! I also notice that these subjects aren’t in any particular order, but since this post took quite a bit of time,(mostly due to my poking around on the websites I was linking to) I’m leaving it as is.

This is not an exhaustive list, just some of the links I saved for whatever reason. I do not completely endorse any of them and am not responsible for their content. (Had to add a disclaimer!)

Let me know if you find any good ones here and also feel free to leave some of your favorites in a comment.

Articles & Misc.

Homeschool World (practical articles)

Avoiding Burnout

Charlotte Mason

Hepburn Family Homepages



Simply Charlotte Mason

Articles from Charlotte Mason’s School

Listmania of CM books (Judy Elliot’s lists of lists–lots of great ideas)

Homeschool Highlights (Karen Andreola’s site)

FAQ about Charlotte Mason 

CM Articles & Topical Discussions 

Charlotte Mason and Home Education 


Free Printables

How Stuff Works

School items to print for teachers

Lesson Plans & Worksheets (free printables)

Make a Word Search Puzzle

Test Maker

Book Samaritan (help for low income homeschoolers)

Learn to Type

Virtual Field Trips

Worksheet Works

Scrapbook to Learn

Our LosBanos (Lots of free printables and curriculum to download)

Everyday News Network (news by and for kids)



Homeschooling Boys


Geography games

Continent & Ocean Flash Cards


Science Fair Projects

Free Science Lessons



SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

Living Math Books & Math Classics

Literature for Learning Match Concepts

Math U See



Craft Recipes

Hobby Instructional Videos


Book Reviews

WorldCat Library Search

Advent Book List

Baldwin Online Literature Project (Free text of classic literature. I use this when I can’t find a book we need.)

Oxford Book of English Verse

Literature Study Guides

Lit to Go MP3 audiobooks


Cursive Worksheets

Handwriting Sheets

Copywork Ideas

Copywork Printables

Nature Study

Project Feeder Watch

Birds of North America (We use this a lot. Anytime we read about a bird, we look it up and see how it looks and how it sounds.)

Handbook of Nature Study

Green Hour 

Field Guides 


A Pintura Art Detective (An art mystery)

Kids Art

Mr. Picassohead 

Watercolor Lessons 

Watercolor Techniques (scroll down to see other lessons on her blog)


Lexile Framework (from my sister the librarian. I used it to find out what reading level some books were)

Phonics Concentration 

Reading Level Assessment 

Spelling Ideas  (and the funny thing is I misspelled it when I saved it as a favorite! Oops!)

McGuffey’s Readers 

 Reading Lists from Tanglewood

Shakespeare for Kids
Ambleside Book lists  (Even if you don’t use Charlotte Mason for school, these books are excellent. Year 0 books are truly delightful. James and I started following this list when he was 3. Every book we read was better than the last!)

Starfall Learn To Read 


Cantaria (folk music)

Popular Songs in American History 

Classical Music Archives 

Opera for Everyone 

Little House Music and Tales (one hourNPR broadcast)

Classics for Kids 

Music Tech Teacher (games galore)



A previous post of mine with some links

Timeline Index 

Historical Figures Portrait Gallery (Great for finding a picture for the timeline)

 Kings & Queens

Carnivals & Blogs & Fellowship Spots

The Homeschool Lounge  (I am Lizzie on there but I rarely go there!)

Carnival of Homeschooling (So many good ideas from Moms who are in the trenches)

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival 

 The Common Room

 Higher Up and Further In (tons of great stuff, lots of Charlotte Mason)

Just Call Me Jamin! 

Single Parents & Home Education 


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  1. Lisa

    Great list! Thanks esp for the opera and folksong links–I hadn’t seen those yet! Might also want to see

    Free upper grades spelling course
    Orthodox Christian homeschool site with copy work, spelling and lots of other great little kid/younger student resources fun drawing lessons

    I could go on!

  2. Natalie

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your list of links with us at the CoH! It’s up at The Homeschool Cafe.

    I’m going to add your resources to my directory. You have some great ones in there.

  3. Kim

    Wow! What a comprehensive list of goodies. I’ve bookmarked this page. Thank you!

  4. Kysha

    Great list! Some old yet some new. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. amy

    boy oh boy- i’ll be looking thru here all year!

  6. Jeanne

    Hi Lizzie, Hope you don’t mind that I have linked to this great post!

    You can see what I’ve written here:

    You are a great inspiration to me. Thanks.


    You’re always welcome to link to my blog. Thanks for letting me know!

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