by adustyframe ~ August 26th, 2008

A Dusty Frame’s birthday slipped by a few days ago. That’s my fault. I was going to do a big shebang, but I didn’t have the oomph to plan it!

For 2 years, I’ve shared our story here on this little space on the web. Actually the first year, I used a WordPress hosted blog. Then Revka came along and helped me design my own space.

I can’t believe how much I’ve written and how much waits to be shared. Honestly, I’ve shared the tip of the ice berg. In some ways, I feel like parts of the story are already so far removed from my daily life now that I don’t know if I can blog about them and do them justice.

That’s why I started this. I wanted to write while the things were happening so that I could capture the emotion. When I read back through the archives looking for something to repost, I often cry. I remember exactly what was happening then because I wrote it while everything was fresh.

When I sat at the computer the first night, I remember being scared to post the blog. I wasn’t sure how a blog basically stating, “My husband is in prison” would go over.

I was scared to be honest and share an ugliness in my life that I preferred to keep quiet.

However, I just knew that the Lord had some sort of reason for this. I’ve been blessed by typing out these posts. Often, I can see God’s moving and working AFTER I type up the story or post. I can see things in ways I didn’t see before I wrote about them.

I also know that things I’ve dealt with can be a help or encouragement to others. Forgiveness, difficulty in marriage, single parenthood, speak to many people in many different situations.

The truth of God’s Word is the truth for each of us no matter what we’re dealing with and I am honored to share what God has taught me through this trial.

When I started A Dusty Frame, I really had no delusions that anyone would read it. I just knew God wanted me to start it.

I’ve been blown away at the wonderful friends God has brought here. So many of you comment, email, and link to me. You’ve helped me carry a very heavy load and I am grateful for your encouragment and friendship.

God completely took this out of my hands to show me that this place is his. I said before that I have another quiet little blog. No one read it, links to it, or sends me blog awards. Every time something happens to point other people here, I smile and say, “Ok God! I get it. This is yours and has nothing to do with me.”

If you’re a little bit newer here, perhaps you will want to read my About page, or this post.

I wrote a round up of favorites on my one year post.

A Dusty Frame has 970 posts (man, I can talk huh?!) 4210 comments (I’m not the only that can talk!), and over 53,0000 spam comments! (Grr)

Two years later, my frame is still dusty. I wonder if I will ever recuperate from this. I do not have the same energy or motivation level that I used to have. I am not the same person. I’m thankful that God remembers my frame is dust!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I don’t know where our story will take us this year. I pray that soon we can have our “happy ending”, but if not, I know God will continue to sustain us.


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  1. Prairie Rose

    Happy birthday! I think all our frames will stay a bit dusty till we get to heaven, where they’ll be gold and gleaming!

    What a day that will be!

  2. Carol

    Congratulations on this milestone! I found your blog through a friend’s blog, and I am so glad that I did. You have often been an encouragement to me. What you have found through this blog is that many people are hurting and looking for someone who “understands”. Also, people are looking for genuineness. Thank you for being willing to follow the Lord’s leading in your life and to allow us to go along for the ride. He has taught you, and us, so much! Keep being faithful to Him!

    Carol, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Barbara H.

    Happy blogiversary! I am so glad for your presence on the web, for the way God has taught you (and me through you), for your transparency. I’ve been blessed and convicted many times by what I read here.

    Barbara, Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate the wisdom that you share with me.

  4. mamasphere

    Happy Blogiversary! I,for one, am incredibly blessed to read your blog every day. I’m so glad you put your thoughts to paper two years ago, and I hope you continue to do it for some time to come.

    Thank you for your sweet words. I appreciate your comments.

  5. Revka of RS Designs

    Happy birthday! I, too, have found encouragement and wisdom through what you have shared here. Thank you so very much, and God bless you.

    Thank you, Revka!

  6. TransitionGirl

    What a wonderful journey! Congrats!!! It’s always amazing how the Lord can use a simple thing like a blog to touch so many lives. Just goes to show the Lord can use anything He wants, no matter how grand or simple, for His glory. And that He is definitely not fazed by modern technology! In fact, I suspect He created those people who created the web and these tools for purposes like these! 🙂

    Thank you! I like your thoughts. God can use even technology can’t he!?

  7. amy

    Happy Birthday Lizzie! Today is my real birthday so we’ll celebrate together 🙂

    You’ve been encouraging me for two years now and I’m so thankful that God pointed me to your blog. I’ve cried and rejoiced with you over these last two years. My prayer for you is that God continues to work in and through your life and that you never lose sight of that big picture.

    Well happy birthday to you! Thank you for your kind words. Thank you too for crying or rejoicing with us. I appreciate your prayer that we won’t lose sight of the big picture. It’s very easy to do with all the things we can get bogged down in.

  8. Lisa

    No, you aren’t the same person you were “then.” Have you ever read James the story of “Hermie” the caterpillar? God says “I’m not finished with you yet, I’m giving you a heart like mine.” Indeed, he is. Congratulations on being one day closer to your “My husband is home and how we are coping” blog! 🙂

    Thank you, Lisa!:) James has a Hermie DVD we’ve watched. I don’t think we’ve read any of the books though.

  9. Jenn

    Happy Bloggy-birthday!
    And, WOW, that’s alot of spam!

    Thank you Jenn! And now the same has about another 500 since that post! crazy!

  10. HeatherHH

    Praying for God’s continue working and sustaining in your life.

    Thank you, Heather!

  11. Pam

    Congratulations…you are an example of how God can use our difficult times to minister to others if we allow HIM to work in “it”.
    I found your blog when I was looking for something for a friend who’s husband will be sentenced next week….I have been reading you for a little over a year and have been blessed too many times to count. Thank you
    for your honesty….you and your family are in my prayers daily. Pam, South Bend

    Pam, Thank you. I have known for quite awhile that God does intend for me to minister because of this trial. It’s not something I’d have signed up for though! Thank you for your kind words.
    I prayed for your friend again after you left this comment the other day. Being sentenced can be a really big relief in some ways because know they will finally know. But it’s also a really horribly stressful day.

  12. Christy

    Happy Blog Birthday, Lizzie. I love what God has done (is doing!) here … His wonderful hand at work in your family and the transparency with which you share it … and His hand working through you and your blog to touch the lives of those of us reading. We have been touched indeed, humbled, and moved. Hugs.

    Thank you, Christy. I appreciate your sweet thoughts.

  13. Katherine

    Happy Blogiversary! I continue to pray for your “happy ending”!!

    Thank you, Katherine! I appreciate your kind words.

  14. Anonymous (for good reasons)

    Happy Blog Birthday to you. I have “popped in” from time to time and am always encouraged by your perseverance and faith. God has begun a good work in you and your family and will complete it. May you be blessed soon with the reuniting of your family.

    Hello Anonymous for good reasons!:) Thank you for popping in. I appreciate your kind words. Don’t be a stranger!

  15. kim

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’m so glad to see you in the place you’ve finally reached – I am not a religious person, in an organized religion or Biblical sense.
    But I have my own relationship with God, and although I don’t say it often enough, I have been blessed with so many wonderful things. Your blog has been a huge blessing to me – one of the things I strive for in my own spirituality is compassion and understanding, in not jumping to conclusions and judging. And God led me to your blog, and your struggles have been incredibly inspiring to me.
    Bless you, and your family. I am so happy that you are reaching the end of your ordeal.

    Kim, I’m glad you found me! Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  16. Robin in New Jersey

    Congratulations Lizzie.

    You are a blessing to so many people.

    Thank you, Robin. You are a blessing to ME!

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