It’s time to think about Angel Tree

by adustyframe ~ August 28th, 2008

Did you know it’s not too late? Your church or group can sign up for Angel Tree still.

Our area has asked that we sign up by September 15th. I’m going to head our church’s involvment again this year.

Angel Tree helped fill a void in our lives for two Christmases. I can’t begin to explain the joy in James eyes to get a gift from his daddy. I’ve written about Angel Tree before.

You can see a video testimony here of a woman who participated.

My post explaining Angel Tree.

Find a local Angel Tree contact here.

Donate directly to Angel Tree here.

Learn how to get involved here.

1 in 40 American children has an incarcerated parent. Stop and think about the enormity of this mission field. These numbers mean that every town, city, and rural area of our country has someone touched by incarceration. That means your church has the opportunity to help hurting people in your own community.

So many of them aren’t as blessed as James and I are. They don’t have supportive families and churches. They don’ t know the Lord.

They need to hear about Jesus. They need to know that they are thought of and loved by someone this Christmas season.

Will you consider finding it in your heart to help Angel Tree? It really does start with a gift.


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