Lies Women Believe (part 2)

by adustyframe ~ August 30th, 2008

Part 1 here

As I type up these lies that we so often believe, I am only sharing them with you. I don’t believe that every woman believes every lie. I do want to challenge you though to be honest in your own heart and ask God to show you if there are any lies that you believe. I was shocked when I discovered some of the lies I had allowed to take root in my heart.

6. God should fix my problems.

Do I think God is a cosmic genie sitting around waiting to do my bidding? This will only set me up for disappointment and disillusionment with God. If I have a problem that God hasn’t fixed then apparently he has not come through for me.

This lie suggests that the goal of life is to be free from all problems. Everything difficult or unpleasant must be removed.

Truth: Following Christ does not exempt us from problems. Life is hard. Even if we’re redeemed, we still live in a fallen world in earthly bodies. We face temptations, disease, loss, consequences of sin (our own and others’), and death.

Until God makes a new heaven and a new earth, we will not be totally free from the ravages of sin.

The good news is that God is not detached from our problems. He is a very present help IN our trouble. Psalm 46:1. The truth is that God can use our problmes to change us and to reaveal his grace and power to the world.

7. I am not worth anything.

This comes from believing lies we tell ourselves “I’ll always be fat” “I am inferior.” “I need others to reassure me of my value.” “Nobody can love me.”

This can also come from believing lies others told us. “You are stupid.” “You will never be as good as your sister.” “You are ugly.”

What will acting on these lies do to us? What we believe about ourselves determines how we live. If we believe and act on lies we will live a life of bondage.

Nancie Leigh DeMoss shares 1 Peter 2:4 As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious,

Jesus’ sense of self worth was not determined by what others thought of him, but by the truth expressed by his Heavenly Father.  His worth was determined because he was chosen by God.

She shares that if someone didn’t know the value of a priceless masterpiece, they could conceivably throw it away. Throwing it away does not make the painting any less valuable. An art collector coming by would know the true value. He may say, “That piece is priceless and I am willing to pay any amount to buy it.”

Isn’t this what Jesus did for you?

8. I need to learn to love myself.

This lie is not the polar opposite of the truth but is a distortion. God’s Word tells us that we are created in God’s image. We are precious. However, that worth is not bestowed on us by ourselves.

We don’t experience the fullness of God’s love by telling ourselves that we are so special. She says that self-love is a lonely one-way path to misery. Jesus teaches that we find our lives by losing it for his sake.

Truth:We love ourselves immensely. Jesus tells us to love others as we love ourselves.

We are sensitive to our own needs. We look out for ourselves.  We don’t get offended because we “don’t love ourselves enough” now do we?

We need to learn to deny ourselves so that we can truly love God and others. The truth is that our problem isn’t “poor self-image”. Our problem is “poor God-image”.

9. I can’t help the way I am.

Rather than accepting responsibility for our choices, attitudes, and behaviour, we have reasons why we are the way we are.

“If our house was bigger the children wouldn’t get on my nerves so much.”

“My job is stressful. I can’t help it if I snap at my husband.”

“My hormones are out of whack.”

“I’m just so tired.”

“My family never taught me how to deal with problems.”

“My mother wasn’t a good mom.”

What is the implication in these excuses? I am a victim and others have made me the way I am.

What was Eve’s excuse? Her parents, mate, or children were not to blame. Her environment was perfect. They didn’t have money problems or bad neighbors. They didn’t even have to pull weeds!

She had no one to blame for her troubles but herself.

Satan knows that if we will believe that we are destined to believe that we don’t have control over our choices, we will live a life of bondage.

Truth: We DO have a choice. We are responsible for our own choices. Through the power of his Spirit, we can allow God to change us. If we embrace the truth of God’s Word, we can break free from old habits, our past, and our circumstances.

10. I have my rights! I think this is an easy lie for American women to believe.

We have the right to be happy, understood, and loved. We believe we have the right to  a certain standard of living, a good marriage, romance, being appreciated by our children, and the right to have our husband’s help around the house. We have the right to have our burgers any way we want them!

Most importantly, if our rights are violated we have the right to protest, be angry, depressed, and hurt.

Jonah wanted the right to minister in the way he chose to the people he chose. When God didn’t follow Jonah’s plans, he felt he had the right to be depressed and angry.

God didn’t soothe Jonah’s feelings and sympathize with his rights did he?

Do we ever live like Jonah? If I’m staking out my rights, even the smallest violation of my rights can leave me uptight, moody, and angry.

Truth: The only way to get off this roller coaster is to yield my rights to the One who ultimately holds all rights. Yielding to God is the only way to be free.

**My first introduction to this concept was in a missions class in Bible college. Our book was called “Have We No Rights?” It discussed the “rights” of missionaries. I found it here at Project Gutenberg.

More later! Did any of these challenge you? If you read any of these and were shocked or angry that’s probably a good indicator that you believe (even in small ways) one of these lies. Ask God to show you any areas that you need to yield to him and ask him to fill you with his truth.


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    Amen! I’m glad God can speak to you through sharing this.

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