by adustyframe ~ September 21st, 2008

Tonight after church, we were cleaning up around the house. James was getting his pajamas on and I heard a huge bang near his room.

I went to investigate only to realize that someone was banging on our front door.

I saw a police car parked in front of our house. It was definitely an officer at my door.

Thankfully, I did not panic. I did not feel sick. But you know, I was worried. I hadn’t talked with Lee all afternoon and had no clue if anything had happened or if Lee’s parole officer sent an officer out.

Perhaps you wouldn’t respond with worry if a police officer was on your porch, but I’m coming from a really odd place here.

So, how to open the door and not look worried? It’s crazy the things that passed through my mind.

He was canvassing the neighborhood investigating an incident from the other night. Someone was shooting out car windows with a BB Gun. One such car was a police car responding to a call.

There was glass in front of our house when I woke up Saturday morning, but I hadn’t seen anything. I told him I heard a bunch of kids outside at 3 in the morning but didn’t see anything when I looked out.

He thanked me and left. I thanked God that’s all it was. How thankful I am that he wasn’t looking for my husband. How thankful I was that he wasn’t hiding in the shadows when we came home from church. (Check this post for that story.)

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  1. Barbara H.

    I would have responded with a little bit of trepidation, wondering what was wrong, but I can imagine how that would be magnified for you. I am glad it was nothing serious.

  2. katrina

    My area has had a lot of that going around too. They recently arrested a couple teens for it. I hope they can catch the ones doing it in your area.

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