Moving from Worry to Worship

by adustyframe ~ September 23rd, 2008

In this post, I shared from Dr. Jeremiah’s book about worshipping when life is dark.

Here are the steps I said I would share.

He says,

When you find yourself sunk deep in doubt, and God no longer seems real to you, take these steps.

1. Admit the doubt you’ve been feeling. Don’t try to tough it out. Find a place where you can be alone and take inventory of the things tying your stomach in knots.

2. Ackowledge to God what you’ve just told yourself. He’s big enough to take it. It’s not like he doesn’t know what you’re feeling. Clear the air between you and God.

3. Attribute to God his various traits.  Try Psalm 8. List the characteristics of God adn meditate on them one by one. What does it mean that he is holy? Get a dictionary and look up the terms you are listing. What are the implications of his attributes?

4. Apply these to your unique situation. Take your uncertainty and anxiety and lay them along side the perfection of God. If he’s sovereign what does that mean in my situation? If he’s eternal, what does that say about my problem?

5. Add the ultimate tribute. God is love. I John 4:16-18a. Take a giant step onto the high place of God’s word (use God’s word as a stepping stone out of the murky bog of worry.)  Memorize this verse.  This is strength for the countless valleys you will go through.

6. Abide in God’s love. Imagine his great arms around you and protecting you. Let yourself cry if the tears come. Let go of the impurities that drove you away from these loving arms.

7. Adore him. Sing praise songs. Read Bible passages about worship. Tell God you love him and thank him for all he does in your life.

I’ll end with a quote I read at the end of this book.

“If you will only practice His presence, you will find an eternal perspective taking root in your soul. You will begin to see this world through heavenly eyes. The trials will seem more trivial, and the blesssings will be more obvious to you. You will see every person as Christ sees him or her.” David Jeremiah.


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  1. Marie

    This is great spiritual and practical advice, Lizzie. The book sounds like something I could benefit from, although I probably wouldn’t have time to read it. Those anxieties and frustrations are what tend to drive me away from Him, instead of to Him. I avoid Him because the problem just seems so insurmountable and unspiritual.

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