Send my Plans to the Pentagon~repost

by adustyframe ~ September 24th, 2008

I’ve been reading Debbie Macomber’s Knit Together.

It’s a great book about goals, trusting the Lord, and inspiration. She throws in lots of knitting stories which is right up my alley!

One very cute story was about her grandson.

He lined up all his Army men in the sandbox. He had designed his own battle plans. He came in and asked Grandma to take a photo of his plans to send to the Pentagon in case they wanted to use them.

She said they happened to know a General so they forwarded the photo and story to him. He wrote a sweet letter thanking the little boy for his plans.

Then she made the point that we are so often like this with God.

We line up everything perfectly. We outline what we think will work and pass it on to God.

“Hey God! Here’s my plans let’s run with them.”

God most likely looks at our plans like a General would look at a little boy’s battle plans.

Cute, but not feasible.

I know that in our circumstances, we’d be wise to let God make the plans.

He knows what he’s doing.


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  1. katrina

    This is an awesome story! Most grandmothers wouldn’t think of sending it off to a member of the military even if they knew someone. One of my favorite passages is from James where it says the same thing. We make our plans, but God can change them in an instant! I know He’s done that with me.

  2. Tanya

    I see you are reading a Charlotte Mason book. I am reading the Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola and started to read some of the things that are online as well. We are doing some things but I had to order some of the books and can’t find some of the books online or at library. I will have to order some a little at a time as we go. I am really loving this curriculum.

    I really enjoyed the CM companion. I was just thinking I should read it again.

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