In light of the current political situation

by adustyframe ~ October 25th, 2008

I thought this was an interesting sentiment.
I’m reading Truman (STILL! That book is huge!)

I just got to the part where Roosevelt dies and Truman is sworn in. People were worried because the conventional wisdom was

“Senators did not make strong presidents. Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, even Coolidge had all been governors. And governors, from experience, knew something about running things.”

I just had to smile. Interesting.


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  1. Jen B

    Yes, very interesting.

  2. katrina

    I thought I’d add something about the book I’m reading right now. It’s called “War Letters”; a compilation of letters throughout the wars our nation has been in. One of the men who wrote home during Desert Storm said that the price of a barrel of crude oil wouldn’t get above $60 because there are so many other alternative fuels and we have such a vast resource. What a shame he was wrong. . . I recommend this book because it’s great to see that from time of the Civil war to Desert Storm, nothing has really changed. If you like any type of war history, this is an eye opener!

  3. ashley @ twentysixcats


    That is really interesting! I would be curious to look through all our past presidents, and compare their prior experience with how effective they were.

  4. LeftCoastOnlooker

    Well, when was the last time we had a President promoted from the Senate? JFK?
    Well, you know my stand

  5. Robin in New jersey

    Now that is very interesting.

  6. theprincessofquitealot

    I agree with that thought…….Governors have WAY more experience with running things….so we’re in a peck of trouble either way…..I say Sarah for President!!!

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