The words have been said…

by adustyframe ~ October 29th, 2008

“I’ll advocate to move you home.”

Lee heard these words yesterday in a counseling session. We are holding our breath. We’re not sure what has to happen first. We’re not sure if a mind will change by next week.

But they’ve at least been said.

When Lee called Pastor he said, “What! I’d be jumping out of my seat if I knew all the details!”

We would be too but it’s so hard to get our hopes up. We’ve had them dashed so many times that all we can do is hold our breath and pray.

I prayed yesterday when Lee went to his session for God to show us grace and mercy. I think that hearing those words is an answer to prayer.

There is a MAJOR hurdle that has to be taken care of and in our eyes it looks as if it could be impossible. Please pray that God’s will be done and that we will have patience.

If this is only another false hope being dangled in front of us, we will surely be sad and sore if it falls through, but in many ways it feels like an answer to prayer and a step in the right direction.

We appreciate your prayers more than we can express.

**Carol and Robin, I’m so sorry. I accidentally deleted your kind comments. Feel free to leave them again.


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  1. katrina

    Praise the Lord!!!! I’ll keep praying!

    Thank you, Trina.

  2. Marie

    Oh wow Lizzie! I am hoping and PRAYING for all of you guys right now! That does sound to me like he/she was serious…you don’t say something like that idly in a session. It wasn’t “I might advocate”, but rather, future tense – “I will”. That would be so awesome for you all to spend Thanksgiving together…anyway, I will be praying!

    Being able to spend ANY time together would be awesome;) Thank you for praying.

  3. Beth

    That is GREAT news. We will continue to pray that will happen.

    Thank you, Beth.

  4. amy


    I will pray.

    Thank you!

  5. Lady Why

    Oh that is WONDERFUL news!!! I’ll be praying for it all to come together and work out for him to come home!!

    I’ll also be praying for peace in the waiting!

    Thank you! Thank you for praying for peace while we wait.

  6. Susanna

    My heart is singing and my eyes are welling- so goodness only knows what will happen in this corner of England when Lee gets home. We will renew our prayers specifically for this. I long for this to be real for you and not another trial to bear. Lord may it be so!

    Thank you, Susanna. How precious your prayers and kind thoughts are to us. The thoughts and prayers of ALL of you are an incredible blessing in our lives.

  7. Pam

    WOW!!! Praise the Lord…..NO mountain is
    to big for the LORD… I have been praying that you all can be re-united before Christmas….what an awesome gift that would be….You all have come so far…..God’s continued blessings….Pam, South Bend

    Thank you for the reminder that God can move any obstacle. I would be so blessed if we could spend Christmas together. Thank you for praying.

  8. TransitionGirl

    Oh, i’ll keep praying they won’t change their minds again! So good news!!

    Praying they won’t change their minds is a good one to pray! Thank you.

  9. Barbara H.

    Wonderful! I can understand your cautiousness, though. But it does seem at least like a step in the right direction.

    Thank you! I just don’t want to get too excited. We’ve had so many ups and downs that I start to feel cynical when “they” say things.

  10. Paula

    This is so good to hear. I will pray for you.

    Thank you, Paula

  11. theprincessofquitealot

    Wow….that sounds positive….you’re in our prayers!

  12. Christy

    Ohhh. Lizzie, we have been praying extra hard for your family. The very prayer request you mentioned is what has been on my heart yesterday and this morning. Cole has even been praying for James’s Dad to get to come home every time we ask the blessing at our meals (even at restaurants and Grandma’s house). And he prays the same at bedtime. He thanks God that Lee is in his “training” now (I think he means the job training he took and his job). He prays that James will remember what it was like to be with his dad before he left and that Lee will get to come home soon. I sat on the living room floor in the dark early this morning thinking of you and praying. I am sitting in the library writing this and trying not to cry (and failing), because even this small step is an answer to our heartfelt prayers! (((((Love and Hugs)))))

    Christy, thank you so much for your prayers for us. Thanks too for sharing how your son prays for us. I wonder for all of us if we remember what living together feels like.

  13. Lisa @ hopewell

    Oh My! Oh My!!! I am praying and praying for you!!! Remember the faith the size of a mustard seed……

    Thank you for praying. Some days it feels like the faith is mustard seed sized for sure!

  14. Carol

    “Oh, Dear Lord, let it be so.” Praying for all of you!
    Thank you, Carol, for praying.

  15. Chel

    Warm wishes are coming your way. I’m hoping it all works out for you to be together again as a family, all under one roof.

  16. Henry

    Congratulations. That is wonderful.

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