How To Earn More Swagbucks

by adustyframe ~ January 28th, 2009

I’ve been enjoying Swagbucks.

Basically what you do is use it to search instead of another search engine.


1. You don’t get a swagbuck every time you search. It’s completely random.

2. You WILL get swagbucks when you use it–just not every time.

3. Use it every time you search. Don’t forget and use another search engine.


1. If you’re not logged in and you win a swagbuck, don’t touch the arrows or links! I lost 2 swagbucks that way. I meant to log in, but instead I clicked a link and my bucks were gone!

2. Check it’s page on Twitter or Facebook when you’re on to see if there are any codes. Most of the codes are very limited, but if you’re on Twitter or Facebook and have a second it’s worth checking.

3. Bookmark your swagbucks search for sites you regularly go to. For example, I bookmarked my online email company–I searched swagbucks for yahoo, then I bookmarked it and changed the name of the bookmark from swagbucks to yahoo. When I want to check my email, I click on that bookmark which really takes me to my swagbucks search. Then I click on yahoo and check my email.

4. Sign up for their email newsletter. They keep you updated with the best way to earn Swagbucks.

5. Use the tool bar. They send you messages (not often) with a code enclosed. These only show up on the toolbar.

6. Add a link in your email signature with your Swagbucks referral link and win some Swag from your friend’s searches too.

7. Once in awhile when you win a Swagbuck, use the tool to post it to your Facebook account. You may get referrals that way too.

8. Use Swagbucks to search for the sites you always go to.

9. Watch the videos on Swagbucks TV~10 videos equals 3 Swagbucks (I turn the volume down and click on videos while I’m working online…)

I got 2 Swagbucks this morning when I went to google reader. James got 1 yesterday when he went to one of his games.So is that making sense?

1. Do a Swagbuck search for the sites you regularly go to–Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, etc

2. Bookmark that search

3. Use the bookmark every time you enter the sites you always visit.

If that doesn’t make sense leave me a question.

Swagbucks sends out your prizes twice a month. I almost always choose Amazon certificates since I can get almost anything with them.

Of course if you haven’t started using it yet, my best tip is to go sign up today!

**Here’s another tip~


When you enter a search and realize you wanted to search something else or go to a different page, let the page load. Sometimes I’ve won Swagbucks on a search I didn’t even want to search.
Maybe I’m the only one who types Google reader when they wanted Google calendar? If you do that sometimes, my tip just means to let the Swagbucks page finish loading on the Google reader before I search for Google calendar. Sometimes I win a Swagbuck even though it’s a wrong search.

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  1. Maria D.

    That last idea is great! I’m fairly new to Swagbucks, so I’m happy to have this advice early on. Swagbucks looks pretty neat, and I even got Hubs to jump on the bandwagon! Starbucks, here we come! 🙂

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    Yes, you can win 3 (sometimes 4) times a day with search. Morning, afternoon and evening/night. If you’re searching alot, you might earn swag bucks more often. Fortunately, they improved so you need to be logged in to earn swag bucks.

    I agree with Maria, that last tip is good. Just remember to login. 🙂

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