Some of our favorite games

by adustyframe ~ February 4th, 2009

I made an Amazon listmania of our favorite games and thought I’d share it for my Works for Me today.

James and I have been playing lots of games after school. I hope they’re building wonderful memories of his childhood!

Check out my list and let me know if there are any old favorites or if I listed a few games you’d like to try.

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  1. celina

    I had forgotten MILLES BORNES>.my aunt had that game..i’ll have to get it eventually..i didnt know they still made it….

    we’re french canadian so i thought it was not a game english people would play,….

    Maybe my Dad is secretly French?

  2. katrina

    Totally off the wall question, but I was at work and a question popped into my head. Do you know how much longer this situation could go on for? How long was the original sentence for? Is there a light at the end of your tunnel?

    You have been heavy on my heart these past few weeks. I wanted to let you know I’ve been praying for you and James. Would it be ok with you if I shared your situation with my ladies Bible study class?

    Have a good night!

    This can go on until his probation is over. So… awhile still.
    Of course you can share it at Bible study! The more who pray for us the better.

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