Cheesy Catechism

by adustyframe ~ February 13th, 2009

Today while learning our new catechism question, James introduced me to a new god.

The new question was,

“Is there more than one God?”

The answer James needs to learn is

“There is only one God. The true and living God.”

We read Deuteronomy 6:4 “Hear o Israel, the Lord the God is one.”

We read the paragraph for today’s devotional. Then James looked at me with serious eyes and said, “Hey Mom, some people worship gouda.”

I refrained from guffawing at him this time. I smiled and listened. He explained how some people think if you rub gouda’s belly it makes you lucky.

I enjoyed conversing with him about beliefs and about the one true God and yes even “gouda”.

Although I think that may be taking cheese to a whole new level!


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  1. Pam

    Another “gem” from James…..

  2. Jenn

    Lizzie, that boy is precious! (But I’m sure you already knew that) ;o)

  3. Marti

    I prefer Muenster myself. 🙂

    That was great! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Paula

    Hm, I wonder if that’s why most French people don’t go to church–all their religious devotion has been expended on cheese?

  5. Winter

    Boys can say some of the most jaw dropping, gut busting things. My oldest had us bustin’ up the other night too.

  6. LeftCoastOnlooker

    I’m going to have to look into that religion!

  7. Shelley

    James sounds like such a joy…hilarious and sweet at the same time!

  8. Chel

    That is super funny! Griff loved “Bear in the Big Blue House” when he was little, and the little mouse, Tutter, sang this song, “Everything’s betta when you’ve got the feta.” I can’t think of cheese without singing that. So tell James thanks for me… now I’ll have to go make my kids sing it with me since it’s stuck in my head. 🙂

  9. theprincessofquitealot

    How funny!!! Smoked Gouda is one of my favorites!

  10. Marie

    Gouda is good, but I think Rouquefort is the King of Cheeses.

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