Works of God Weekend

by adustyframe ~ February 27th, 2009

Have you had any blessings this week?
Did God show you something about yourself? Did you learn something in Bible study?

These are all works of God. All you have to do to participate is link to a blog post from the past month, or leave a comment here.

Here are some of mine:

1. Our Pastor. He’s spent time encouraging me and praying for me this week. That’s always much appreciated.

2. Seeing my son’s love for writing blossom overnight. The blog was such a great idea. He has a notebook and he writes down things he’d like to blog. I love watching him work on it. He wants me to buy stuff so he can do giveaways! And last night, when we got home, he said, “Hey you have to see if I have any pending comments before I go to bed.” The blogging bug didn’t take too long to bite did it? He is anxiously waiting the cluster map update so he can see where his visits are coming from.

3. God’s provision in many different ways.

4. Friends and family who love and encourage me–that includes you too!


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  1. Liz

    My blessing this week is that someone saw something that I made and wants to put ome in her shop on consignment. Also I had an awesome interview and will hopefully be hearing good news about it on Monday.

  2. Pam

    My blessing is that inspite of the fact that my 83 year old father got a kidney stone (his wife is out of town) I was able to take him to two Dr’s Appt. and the hospital for tests.
    He lives about 30 miles away. I am thankful I have a car that would take us where we needed to go and the time to be with him. Please pray for him. If he doesn’t pass the stone this weekend he will have to have surgery on Wed. God Bless, Pam

  3. e-Mom

    That’s SO neat that your son has been bitten by the blogging bug. (I tried to interest my kids too, but to no avail.) Have a blessed weekend. :~D

  4. Sully

    I’ve had a rough month (ectopic pregnancy) and I’ve been really encouraged by the online community and some wise words they’ve provided.

  5. TransitionGirl

    My blessing is simple. He has helped me survive. lol. Been running around these last 2 weeks for my work. non-stop. from early morn to late night. even weekends. and i’m exhausted, drained, etc etc. But amazingly, I still have energy the next day to do what I need to do! God is amazing!

  6. Marie

    Two prayers answered this morning – my husband came to the monthly Communion service, and our church decided to have a Good Friday service this year! He preached on prayer and fasting this morning, too, which is good…we’re a non-liturgical church, but it’s good to use this time of year to focus more deeply on those disciplines.

    The other “work of God” was on Friday He used me. A woman put out a prayer request for her sister and sister’s friend, both of whom are saved but struggling w/ long-tern eating disorders. I shared my testimony with them and they were both convicted and encouraged; hopefully will talk or meet up with them soon for discipleship. We’ll see if God has any plans of that sort; if not, He still wants me praying for them.

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