So when I said

by adustyframe ~ March 30th, 2009

that bits of my former self are peeking through…was that just last week? I spoke too soon.

Last Thursday, James and I went to his dentist appointment. Someone came out of the hallway and I thought, “That kid looks familiar.” James and I checked in and sat down and I hear,

“Hi, Aunt Lizzie.” Yep! It was my own nephew (well Lee’s nephew) and I didn’t recognize him. Good grief!

We had a  nice chat while he waited for his appointment, but the whole time I was thinking, “Ok it’s not so and so or so and so what is his name?” When they called him back, I was off the hook! At least I knew who I had been talking to.

Then this past weekend, when my brother and sister in law came to see us, I made nachos. I gathered all sorts of toppings and we built our own.

At the end of the meal, I took a bite of nachos with nothing but hamburger and chips. “Does this meat taste weird?” I asked. My sister in law admitted that it did.

I put CINNAMON in the taco meat instead of chili powder.

I guess I’m not as back to normal as I thought I was.



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  1. Pam

    Oh Lizzie…..that is sooooooo normal !!
    thanks for the smile….we ALL have those lapses…we all need to learn to share them
    and laugh at them….God Bless, Pam

  2. Alesha

    yep, Lizzie! I’d say that was very normal! sometimes I can’t remember my cousins’ names…or their spouse’s names…or their kids’ names!

    sooooo normal!

    : )


  3. kristie

    Don’t feel bad… I have put taco seasoning (instead of cinnamon) in the egg batter for French Toast!!! (Now THAT tastes really bad, esp. with syrup) =)


  4. Paula

    That would be a pretty ordinary day for me too!

  5. Chel

    Ok, that’s a great story… the cinnamon nachos!

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