The Next Right Response~repost

by adustyframe ~ March 31st, 2009

In my reading of Changed Into His Image, the other day, I read this interesting illustration.

A better view of wisdom is that of a driver caught in the middle of a traffic snarl.

He doesn’t need to know WHY is the road blocked. He doesn’t have to know WHY his car blew a tire.

He just has to know the next right response.

He has to get his disabled vehicle off the road without hurting anyone or he has to merge with the traffic ahead of him.

He gives the examples of Joseph, Job, and Paul’s thorn in the flesh.

He says, “The important lesson here is that wisdom is not having God’s perspective of the whole matter before us, but having God’s perspective about what next response will honor him while keeping us still usable to him.”

He says the goal of safe driving is to stay on the road in order to reach the destination. The goal of the Christian life is to stay on the path of usefulness to God no matter what the circumstances.

“Christians who are thrown off the road of usefulness by indulgences in their own flesh or by ungodly reactions to calamity or to the fleshly actions of others are not living wisely.”


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