by adustyframe ~ April 24th, 2009

Lately the Lord has been working in my heart to find more ways to give.

Because I’m the only one making any income around here, often my mind swarms with ways to make money. Or I’m working on online listings or finding things to sell. It can get rather overwhelming.

If I’m not thinking about or working on ways to earn income, I’m praying about it.

There’ s nothing wrong with praying about it of course, but if I’m not careful I will be consumed with thinking about money.

It’s a fine line. Obviously, I’m not going to sit around watching TV all day and thinking God will dump money in my lap.

I believe that I do need to take opportunities and actively search for God’s will in this area of my life.

But it can quickly spiral into worrying and being consumed with thoughts of money. I don’t believe that is right.

So, as I’ve been praying, God has prompted my heart to find more ways to give.

I can’t give much. I mean literally I can’t give much! But there are ways all of us can give to others. I’m not going to list the things I’ve done to give in small ways, because I don’t do it so I can blog about it.

But God has shown me several areas that I could put others needs ahead of my own. Even in an exciting opportunity to promote myself, God showed me something else I could do for others.

It’s much more enjoyable and pleasant to be focused on giving than on making money. It’s easier for me to rest in God’s promise to supply all my needs when I’m spending more time asking him how I can give.

Interesting how that works!



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  1. Carol

    Did you happen to watch Dave Ramsey’s “Town Hall of Hope” last evening? I only caught the end of it because I had a school function to attend, but his last point was to find more ways to give! He said it did not have to be monetarily. He said to look for ways to give time.(serve at a soup kitchen, visit elderly, etc.) His reason for this was that when we are giving to others, it gets the focus off of ourselves and it helps to restore our hope. My synopsis doesn’t do it justice, but I thought it was interesting that you should mention today that God has been teaching you that lately. God’s way are not our ways!

  2. Pam

    I know you don’t want to “share” for wrong reasons……but you might be able to inspire the rest of us. One thing I do is purpose to
    compliment every clerk/sales person who crosses my path. ie “you have a great smile”,
    “I really like your shirt”, “thanks you have been very helpful”. In a rest./grocery store if I see particularly well behaved children I always stop and say “what nice manners you have”

  3. Marie

    Yup. I like Pam’s idea of deliberate compliments – it blesses people. Another way we can “give” – give of our time in church, ie. serve in nursery. Seriously. This once a month or so commitment is much more sorely needed in most churches than another check in the collection plate.

    What else…..write an encouraging e-mail or phone somebody to talk to them and hear how they’re doing.

    Offer to bring your friend/neighbor’s kids to the playground for a couple hours. Baking someone a loaf of that yummy-sounding oatmeal cake you wrote about yesterday.

    I try to think of these things too, because my husband won’t let me give as much money to missions as i want to, but God’s laid it on my heart that He doesn’t just want me to give money. That’s easier in a way, so sometimes we fall back on it and think we’re “giving” when really we’re not. You could give $$ and not have a heart of mercy; it’s more important to give of yourself!

  4. Jenn

    I love this post AND all the comments people shared. I can’t agree more about making kind comments to others. This world has become so full of hustle & bustle and detached from the human experience. It’s kind of fun to see people look up – a little bit like they’ve been shaken out of a daze – and then smile.

  5. Susanna

    Giving time to pray for others- so simple- so accessible to all of us…and yet somehow so hard to do (Satan so hates it when we pray).