Works Of God~Monday Edition

by adustyframe ~ April 26th, 2009


Have you counted any blessings this week? Are you healthy? Are you thankful for God’s provision? Did anyone reach out to you in any way this week?

Works of God are just blessings and I love reading yours!

If you don’t have a blog, you can leave a comment here. Or link to any blog post from the past month.

I have some good ones. I went to a homeschool book sale on Saturday with my pastor’s wife and another lady from church.

I found some really nice books that I’m very excited about. I also found some games that James and I have been playing this weekend.

Then, my mother in law and James and I went to the thrift store on Saturday afternoon. We found a nice bike for James in the next size up and my mother in law paid for 1/2 of it–plus it was 1/2 price day!

Then on my way to the checkout counter, I found an expensive winter coat for James for next year. At 1/2 price, it came to 7.50.

For a bike, coat, and a pile of curriculum, I paid less than I would have paid for 2 of the books new.

I love seeing how God provides the things we need and even some wants!

How about you?



7 Thoughts Shared to Works Of God~Monday Edition

  1. TransitionGirl

    i love bargains! 🙂

    I thank God for protecting my family and i during our vacation. It’s been a great time spending time with my family, as we’ve so busy at home.

    Glad you’re having fun!

  2. Pam

    The Lord sustained me THRU a couple of very
    stressful trials.

    I’m glad he did! ((hugs))

  3. Jenny

    God is GOOD! It is so encouraging to hear about your blessings!

  4. Lisa

    Sounds like some great shopping!

  5. Christy

    Loved reading your blessings, Lizzie!

    Our church had a short conference this past weekend on Leaving a Godly Legacy. I was blessed by it and my husband was even more blessed … and that blesses *me* and makes me praise God all the more for His work in us!

    I have been blessed several evenings tangibly feeling the prayers of others. Don’t know who, but I was so very blessed.

    The kids have been asking hundreds of questions about Jesus and I am so blessed by their desire to know … and amazed and blessed at how God sends me answers at just the right moment to share with them. There is no doubt that it is God working. I am learning along with the kiddos.

    In general, I have been blessed by being more disciplined about my routine, getting up early and taking a short walk, and spending more quiet time with God.

    Thank you for sharing. I love when children ask questions about God.

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  7. Marie

    I’m late on this – I was waiting on the girl’s permission to share her testimony. A teen who struggles with bulimia found my testimony online and wrote me for encouragement. I was sharing with her about how God frees us from all sin, and how she shouldn’t give up but keep pressing in. The next day she wrote me that she is surrendering all to Him, and was getting baptized the next day (which she did; yesterday)! She has completely re-dedicated her life to Christ (seems the Holy Spirit has been preparing her heart for a while). I posted her e-mail of Monday on my blog. I’m so happy for her!