Catching Up

by adustyframe ~ April 27th, 2009

Nothing much is going on here. Nothing has changed as far as I know.
I’ve heard very little from Lee–2 letters I think.

Communicating by letter proves difficult! I mean to share all sorts of things and then I forget by the time I write a letter. When I get his letters, it’s not always easy to know how he’s doing.

I’m working on seeing if I can visit him. I don’t know yet if I can.

James school year is almost done. I remember last August, planning out the school year feeling overwhelmed at all the work! Now we’re about a week away from being finished and it feels like it just flew by.
I’m already pulling things together for next year and planning and organizing a little bit.
I’m praying about what goals I should set for the year and what sort of areas I need to focus on. I’m also considering schooling part time through the summer.
I’ve done that before and really enjoyed it. Last summer I didn’t because Lee was just being released and we were so busy.
I’m not sure yet what we’ll do.

Other than that it’s all just the “dailes” here.

Here are some things that you can pray for when you think of us.
1. Wisdom for planning James schooling.
2. Lee to be growing and successful in his classes.
3. Me to have strength and energy.
4. God’s provision
5. This is my “big” prayer–I’d really love to have a dependable car that I can take out of town or up the highway. I don’t see how it will happen, but I know God can move in big ways.

Thanks for your kindness and support. Each of you mean a great deal to me and I’m thankful for your friendship!


4 Thoughts Shared to Catching Up

  1. Christy

    Praying for you! Thanks so much for the specifics of how to pray. (((Hugs)))

    Thank you!

  2. Pam

    It is soooooo funny as I was getting ready to
    read your blog I thought “I’d really like to ask her about Lee, if she’s heard from him or visited”……and then as I started to read I just smiled. I don’t want to appear nosey….but I do care and I continue to pray for all of you. Did I ever send you a copy of the book I wrote? I can’t remember….anyway
    when my grandkids were younger (it is in my book) we used to do “NanaCamp” in the summer.
    They would pick things they wanted to learn more about and we would study / research/ visit related places. We would always have
    some time of review (math and reading) They
    took turns choosing the order of the days events and the snacks. It was great fun and I really miss it! God bless, Pam

    Yes, you did send it to me:). That sounds like a great idea.

  3. Lisa

    Is James in Year 3 “next” year? He’s growing up so fast. I’ll be praying about it all–esp the car–I can so relate. We’re thru that “phase” and have a good car now, but it wasn’t that way only 2 years ago….

    Yes! Year 3 already! I’m amazed! Thank you for praying!

  4. Jody, Because I'm Me

    You’re in my prayers every day and thank you for the support you’ve given me.

    Thank you ((hugs))