Strangler Figs ~Repost from Jan. 2007

by adustyframe ~ April 30th, 2009

I got a letter from my husband today. These plain envelopes stuffed full of notebook papers are our hold on one another.

He wrote about the books he’s reading.

Then he sent this illustration and applied it to his life and sin.


Strangler figs are common in warmer zones–Florida, South America. They grow in abundance.

The fruit is not palatable to humans but cattle and birds like them. After the birds eat the figs, their beaks are full of the sticky residue.

They clean their beaks by rubbing them on nearby trees. The seeds of the strangler figs have a natural glue in them which makes them adhere to the branches.

When the rainy season arrives, germination takes place. Soon tiny roots make their way down into the heart of the wood and begin to grow.

Within a few years, the once lovely trees have been entirely covered with the entangling vines of the parasitic growth.

Unless the strangler figs are removed, the tree will begin to wither. Dropping one branch after another until it is completely lifeless.

The only way to stop the killing process of the strangler fig is to take a sharp knife and cut away the invader.

What an excellent view of the strangle hold sin produces in our lives.

Praise God for his sharp knife that desires to cut away the things that weigh us down and strangle his joy out of our lives.

This letter was a great encouragement to me today. I am so thankful to see God moving and working in my husband’s life.


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  1. Pam

    What a great word picture….I too am thankful for the sharp knife of the Lord. It is painful most of the time but not as much if I am willing to “give the sin” over to the Lord instead of Him doing the “surgery” without my cooperation. Continually praying
    for you all to be re-united under the loving umbrella of Christ’s grace and mercy.
    Good point–surrendering and repenting are MUCH easier than having God remove it!