Pilgrim’s Progress

by adustyframe ~ May 7th, 2009

A part of wrapping up our school year includes a final review of the books we’ve read.
James tells me what he remembers about the books and I quickly write it down. He will also recite poems and Bible verses he’s learned, tell me what he learned from math, composers, artists, and sing the hymns we’ve learned.

Basically it’s our exams. Last year, I remember being excited about all the things he remembered from books we read months before. This year, I’m excited again. It’s fun to see the thoughts or impressions the books made on his mind.

We read Pilgrim’s Progress last fall. I read an 1895 version that Lee was given after he roofed someone’s garage. It was slightly falling apart, but it worked out fine.

Photo credit: mirabbi from morguefile.com

Here’s what James told me about Pilgrim’s Progress today.

“A man is in a dream. He was trying to get to heaven and there were all these obstacles. There was a hole and his friend wanted to turn back but he kept going.
A man told him to go up a hill and he did but it was the wrong way so he had to go back.
Talkative talked about God but he didn’t believe in him. The Pilgrim’s name was Christian.
He lost his faith and he ended up sinking. Then he got his faith and didn’t sink. He was crossing the river to get to the Celestial City.
He ended up getting into heaven because he put his faith back into God.
I liked the part where he sank. I mean what idiot goes that far and loses his faith for nothing?”

He pretty much got the gist of the story. I cracked up at his last sentence, but it’s so true that many of us go so far and lose our faith for “nothing”.
Interesting that a small child can see how foolish that behavior is isn’t it?


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  1. Paula

    That’s a great example of narration–and I’m truly impressed with how much James remembered of that story. I’m still trying to figure out how narration works, so I love to see examples!

  2. Pam

    You are not only a wonderful mom but also a spectacular teacher….what a blessing you are
    to your precious little boy. God Bless, Pam

    Thank you, Pam! I appreciate your encouragement!

  3. Candace

    Thanks for sharing with the CM carnival! 🙂 I think your entry is a great example of narration!!


  4. Lisa

    Children see all and tell all–most often in chillingly accurate ways! Nice way to put it James. Like my d when we did our first Plutarch: “It took them THAT LONG to tell us he’s stuck up?” Yep!

    Lol;) I love hearing what he’s picked up from the reading.

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  6. Janet

    Wow, he really was listening, wasn’t he? What a great narration.

    It’s amazing how much children grasp, even in a symbolic tale like that. I love their active minds!

  7. rowena___.

    that is excellent! and he got to the heart of the matter in that last sentence.

  8. LeftCoastOnlooker


  9. Jamie in Rose Cottage

    Great narration. And his opinion at the end is wonderful. 🙂 Love this kind of exams, too. ♥