Works of God~Monday Edition

by adustyframe ~ May 18th, 2009

works-of-godSo, what has God been up to in your life this past week?

I’ve been working on saving my posts.  Wow! I should have started that a long time ago!

It’s been a blessing to read through some of the old posts and comments that were left. I’m reminded of what Pastor said one time when he read my blog, “Wow, you have some really neat people that read your blog.”

He’s right!

I was blessed again as I read. I also realized that many of you have been commenting here for a long time!

I am thankful for your encouragement and friendship.

Another blessing, was that I found some nice items to sell online this week. One was a bag of old clothespins. I had just told James that I’m going to have to find some more clothespins because it seems quite a few of mine have disappeared.

In this bag of old pins was a handful of the spring type pins that I added to my bag for our own use.

It’s really a “small” thing but I think it’s awesome how God provides even the little stuff.

What about you? Either leave a comment or add your link.

I look forward to hearing how God is working in your life.



3 Thoughts Shared to Works of God~Monday Edition

  1. TransitionGirl

    I thank God that He’s been pushing me to get fit, lose weight and take care of this body of mine. I’m starting to really work out, and eat right. Pray that I’ll stick to it.

  2. Laura

    Lizzie, thanks for your encouraging words over at my blog. I promise not to be a lurker!

    I originally had another blog, where I shared a lot of sometimes deep things about life and faith, but felt that it outgrew me… it had a lot of flash (ads and what-have-you) but I began to feel that I couldn’t provide the substance to match the flash. (The very first post on Nesting at Last speaks to this. If I knew more about html, I would link to it here!) By the way, it was designed by Berries and Cream as well!

    So, I simplified. I want Nesting at Last to just be a place to visit with friends and family. Glad you stopped by for a visit!


  3. Christy

    I was blessed at our Wednesday evening Bible study. We talked in depth about intercessory prayer. Very good stuff.

    Also, I am continuing to research homeschooling and I can see clearly that God is at work in this! Praying that my husband’s heart will open up to it.

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