A Man Does Not Live Here~Repost

by adustyframe ~ May 19th, 2009

I walked through my house the other night. My eyes taking it all in.

No one would know that a man does not live here.

That startled me.

I know a man doesn’t live here. Each night when I go to bed, I remember that.

There is no snoring body for me to crawl over. No strong arms to wrap around me in the night.

There is definitely little boy feet in my bed at night. He traipses in around 2 a.m. every night without fail.

Little boy feet, yes. Man feet? no.

A casual observer would never know that more than 600 nights have passed without a man in this house.

If someone truly stopped to observe they could tell.

Even though there is men’s cologne in the medicine cabinet, there are only 2 toothbrushes.

Even though the laundry is always sitting around–it is clean laundry ready to be folded. Not dirty waiting to be picked up.

The laundry has 2 distinct themes. Woman and little boy.

There are no 32×30 Levis to put away. No Sunday shirts with oil stains on them.

The back steps full of shoes discarded on the way in are Lady size 9 and little boy size 12. The men’s size 9 deck shoes are neatly stacked in the closet–a major sign that a man doesn’t live in this house.

If the observer moved from room to room, truly looking, they’d find hard evidence.

The fridge is missing cream soda & kool aid. The coffee is all flavored, & the milk is skim.

They’d see that the lightbulbs too high to reach from a chair are burned out.

That the second vehicle never moves.

That the shaving cream hasn’t had the lid removed for months.

That the neighbor boy mows.

And should they be very observant they would notice that the man’s suit coats have dust on the shoulders.


5 Thoughts Shared to A Man Does Not Live Here~Repost

  1. Marie


    I wish it weren’t this way and pray it won’t be for very much longer.

    You are loved.

  2. Jody

    {{hugs to you}}

    Jason has removed most of his things, which was odd in it’s own way … he took very little and it almost felt like he’d barely even been here at all, except for his closet, the bathroom, and his presence.

  3. Pam

    I am soooooo very sad for you….yet I admire your strength and your commitment to live a Chrit-like life….for you…for your little boy…for your husband and most of all for our Lord….Is there any “end” in sight ????
    If Lee was given a specific sentence is that going to be “IT” ?? God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  4. Laura

    I’m struck as I read your posts by how similar your life without Lee is to my life as a Navy wife, with our frequent and lengthy deployments… limited communication, being separated for so, so long (not by choice!), taking on the household by myself, learning-by-doing how to repair toilets and cars and appliances, banking, bills, taxes, so on and so forth…

    While Navy wife-life certainly doesn’t come close to what you and Lee are going through, I definitely know the feeling of A Man Does Not Live Here.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sarah

    Oh how I know all of those things! All of them. And I would add that the trimmer set in the bathroom slowly collects dust waiting to be used!
    Hugs to you as I know step by step what you are going through!