From Outside the Frame

by adustyframe ~ May 21st, 2009

linksThis looks like it’s right up James’ alley! Ooey gooey putty

I think I’m going to have to make this. I have tons of buttons and even some old spools.

We gave up margarine years ago and I’ve come to have a distaste for it now! Here’s a great article to explain why butter is better.

This couple is so cute! I dare you to watch it and not smile.

Words and phrases coined by Shakespeare. I was going to print it out and put it in my school binder, but it’s a lot of pages!

Scribbit’s list of things she’ll never wear made me chuckle.

Did you find any of these links useful? Did you find any links this week to share with me?


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  1. Barbara H.

    That older couple was really cute!

  2. Emily

    I like your website very much for its rich information. Could you tell me your email address so that I can send you an email? Thanks, a lot.

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